It's not my place to mis-place labels on folks.
However I'm a creature of the markets; the markets themselves reflect the behavior of the actors.

The year 2022 for BHP can be written off as a clown show.

SolGold (without mentioning Llurimagua) is an 

                            IMMENSELY PROFITABLE OPPORTUNITY.

That might take its stock price north of $3 apiece in 3 years.

Here is what needs to happen essentially.

1) BHP needs to show that it will work with all partners.
This has shown NOT TO BE EASY.

2) BHP through SolGold needs to FOCUS on ALL aspects; not just mining, but power, transport, and port.

3) BHP/SolGold needs to HELP Ecuadorians with some of their OTHER PROBLEMS such as,
            Coco Coba

            Railway/Transport to port


The BENEFIT to BHP/SolGold is that you getting involved with MONOPOLIES.

The MORE that BHP through SolGold EXECUTES on these 3 priorities, 

                                         THE MORE MONEY 

 BHP/SOLGOLD will make whether in 3 years, 25 years, or 100 years.

                                            WHY you ask???????

Because SolGold will be in control of its destiny to become

                                             Ecuador's GREEN OFFSET

                                             To It's Energy Business.

                                              IT"S ALL THERE MIKE!

Close the door on your M and A department. Get some engineers or talk to the Ecuadorian military (Tren Maya comes to mind) to get some of this built. Whatever it takes, this project needs to adopt a siege mentality.

We c....................