I long have held that the gold price is manipulated downward  by the authoritarian forces deeply embedded within our democracies, full stop! In the G7 nations financial social sphere, there is a palpable political correctness infestation about gold that is truly bizarre! Gold wants to go higher, but keeps getting clipped. Physical demand from BRIC countries is a constant driver, but authoritarian forces that perceive gold as a challenge to their economic systems have spread their market making tentacles far and wide so as to cling on to its empire. A great part of the gold manipulation is sadly taught and entrenched in the minds of so many educated minds who aspire to be correct to their masters. About crypto, the US basically let it flourish, they saw it as a tool to divide and weaken gold. Combined, crypto is a chain letter (Nakamoto White Paper), pyramid, Ponzi Scheme, a modern day gold alchemy scam, etc. What will history dub it, Nakamoto Scheme??
Gold $1,850 price range is Western manipulation vs Eastern stacking. Why do gold bulls stay the course if there is such manipulation one may ask, I say because the interveners normally get run over eventually. It seems eventually may not be too far into the future.