I follow your post and this is the first time I have to question your thought process on this. Yes this is a virus driven event and as such we are only in the beginning phases of this pandemic. While our supply chain is localized to NA it is stll highly at risk. I personally view this risk as way higher than any bad quarter report. 

My opinion is unless there is a direct relation to anything in Pot having a proven abilty to deter the virus then we are in the same boat as all other compainies. I have purchased an ounce to hold my wife and I over but many folks will be saving thier cash for critical supplies and not weed or booze.

Few households live beyond paycheque to paycheque and any savings will be held for nearterm living expenses and not for WEED.

I have sold my WEED positions at a loss and am still holding acerage only because it is in US currency. 

Can you please elborate more on your purchase decision. Thanks!

GLTA <==== this is for everyone over the next month or two!