I think they set up multiple accounts and place huge orders at the extremes of the bid and ask. When it is close to the current price the volumes are way down. For example the buy side is in the 100 000's of shares about 3-5 cents from the current where the buy volume is much much lower. On the sell side it is identical. The computers shut those off when they get close to the current stock, I looked at the other stocks only IMG is like this , another manipulated stock.

You see greatly lower bid ask volumes with AEM and ABX high volumes at the extremes of the bid ask range so no manipulation there.. 

For example with yri at the extremes of the bid ask range you see volumes of close to 200 000 bid and ask. As you get closer to the actual price volumes are in the hundreds.

The english guy who caused a mini crash in 2010 for a trillion dollars was doing this from his home, true story