Well said Vinnie

The USA dollar has lost about 95 percent of its purchasing power compared to gold.  The Asians have been stockpiling gold for many years now because they know the USA dollar is worthless.   The Asians are already transitioning to be the new superpowers of the 21'st century.  America is finished.  There will come a time where the new reserve currency is based on some form of gold backed currency to keep everyone honest in this world.  USA dollar is toast.  That's why the Asians are dumping the treasuries and buying gold hand over fist.   Asians are smart.   Suppressing  and manipulating the price of gold everytime it gets near the $1800, $1,900, $2,000 price is an orchestrated way to keep the price moving up where it belongs.  If people saw the price move up where it should be, there would be chaos.  

We are heading into very turbulent times and I believe a period similar to the 1972 to 1976 period is fast approaching.  PM investments did very well.  I hope everyone plays defence these days and has some sort of PM investments in their portfolio.  Keep the safe haven asset.   We have not seen the worst yet in these markets.   I believe it is still to come.  Sitting on 45 percent of my portfolio in cash or money market investments.  Also have a good portion in PM investments.  The rest is in "value stocks"