Indeed Ron and gold miners like Barrick are at prices when gold was $400 lower.Trading gold and especially silver and copper could not be better positioned. I am 90% in that now from 50%,I invest only in long term gold miner options in 2025 for leverage and small premiums right now  like AEM ABX YRI (CXB just stock price). 

I just read on the cost of carrying the 32 trillion dollar debt as the Fed boast about future increases. What a sham, since official government publications paint a very worrying picture there. Over 500 billion in interest cost in 2023. The news never goes there for some strange reason.It gets worse in 2024 and further away.They never ask about that in news conferences with Jerome. That is the single most important factor which will cause the Fed to pivot . Also  watch for politicians call for price controls as in the 70's to control the greedy corporations, listen to Biden he is halfway there. When that happens gold will rise even more.And QE will resume to help 99% of the population and hurt the rich.Very popular before an election.

You know the debt in only 5 trillion for foreign countries, 25 trillion is held by the public. So when we say we pay ourselves its true but its only the rich who have this 25 trillion. That is why luxury cars and trips are so popular right now , its the rich. The present   policies are guiced by the ultra wealthy and we dont see it that way enough.

I do and it really enrages me that all the remianing money will go to the ultra wealthy so they can keep taking trips into space right now , with my money,