If the democrats win CXB may go up faster. Studies have shown that democrats have looser QE post election traits. Repubicans are more likely to tighten monetary policy, More QE reduces the value of the US dollar because interest rates go down, more booze or money at the party. When interest rates go down and the US dollar goes down gold goes up. When gold goes up CXB goes up. Therefore if you wish to remain consistent with your beliefs and values, you could state you cannot hold CXB as a shareholder if you dont act in the best interest of all sharenolders. Thats the law. So you have to take for the democrats since that will help and not hinder CXB. However there is one exception - TRUMP, he likes to get all his companies into debt and then stiff creditors. He will do that by also loosening monetary policy so really whichever party wins tomorrow, there will be price control legislation put in place to punish the greedy rich and monetary easing because the US debt is too expensive. Trump knows this and democrats too so in this unique spot in history it does not matter who you vote for.