Agreed- this board is dead. I suggest you also view the Yahoo Finance or stockwits boards instead.   You will find much more lively discussions there.  Very knowledgeable people and lots to learn too from.

I have been invested in this sector for about 10 years.  Several of my positions are down because of a long out of favor gold sector plus Bitcoin stole the spotlight from gold where historically people invested in in times of crises or irresponsible governments or during recessions. As you can see Bitcoin was a farce and is starting to tank as I expected.   No one could ever value Bitcoin so doesn't that tell you something about it?  It was all hype just like everything else that comes and then crashes.  Gold has been around over 5000 years and will be around another 5000 plus years.   The US dollar is on borrowed time and is going to tank.  It's toilet paper and the Asians and other foreigners are starting to dump treasuries and buying hard assets instead that have tangible value. That's all good for gold and PM investments.  Gold should be priced well over $2000 by now based on all the world problems and money printing.  The safe haven asset is coming back into focus and attention imo.  Money will flow back here.  The market manipulators can only hold it down for so long. 

Been waiting for this moment for several years.  No way am I selling my PM holdings in a undervalued sector and undervalued stocks.  Our time is here and now imo.