Tiderock CEO, Thomas Fore stated, "We are excited about this opportunity to provide support to the Developer in connection with this project and look forward to building long-term working relationship with them. This engagement builds on the portfolio of projects Tiderock is currently managing, including the previously announced projects, Cabin Branch and Waldorf B4."

Execution of definitive documents between the Company and Port One concerning the Holbrook, MA senior living facility project is subject to successful completion of traditional project due diligence and execution of definitive agreements between Port One and the Company. As part of due diligence, developer is required to provide the following items to the co-developer within 10 days of execution of this agreement.

(a) copies of all work product and information in Developer's possession addressing design, survey, soil, geological or the environmental condition of the Property; 

(b) copies of all contracts, permits, pleadings related to litigation or other agreements in Seller's possession affecting or otherwise encumbering the Property, including any and all permits and bids for the demolition of the buildings on the site; 

(c) copies of all the real estate tax bills for the real property which comprise the Property for 2019, 2020 and 2021 (if received by Seller); 

(d) evidence of development entitlements and approvals applicable to the Property from the appropriate governmental authorities.