Today we are trading at 25cents/share....whoever the sellers are -- they must be super desperate and s&%t scared of this market. Most likely they are leveraged elsewhere - watching their stock accounts on a day to day basis...or they are just kinda stupid.

The value of the entire company is approximately $19.5m canadian or $15m US.

When you consider that 1m tonnes of frac sand would sell for about $20-$25m US....we are trading far below a one year sale from our Hixton plant....this is beyond absurd. I for one wouldn't be surprised to see someone try and buy us -- heck, you can secure 15 years of sand for less than the cost of 1 year....and you get Fireback, Canadian Frac Sand deposits, Firebag, Contract at Coffey Lake, Richardson, Terrashift....and maybe even a coffee and a donut.

This stock isnt cheap, its not on sale....this is a blow out fire sale.....not that we are a Buffett stock - but isn't he famous for buying when others are fearful and there is blood on the street....