Amazing news on the new Rockchain contract today!

I would encourage all my fellow shareholders to listen to the Q2 call from the other day:

It is clear to me - after reading through the financials and listening to the call - that the previous CEO and CFO were absolute disasters for this company....

It is also clear to me that Dana  and David have the mandate and the focus and -- the actual skill sets (unlike the previous tweedle dee and tweedle dumb) needed to run a successful and profitable business.

Q2 2022 financials demonstrate the discipline and clear thinking of a team focused on doing profitable business. The write downs were prudent and honest -- and have set us up for future success.

I am encouraged by the focus on sand and aggregates and on the profitable exploitation of our resources. Sounds from the call that Mgmt is confident in hitting their 2022 revenue goals and may be able to expand on those goals with more throughput at the Hixton mine. More importantly - sounds like we would have been profitable without all the write i for one would expect profitable quarters from here on out.

Also -- the focus on the expense side by way of reducing head count where it was burning cash -- very very needed. These are the hard decisions that we need our CEO and CFO to make -- good on them for doing so.

For all of you who follow the sand market -- we seem to be setting up for stronger sand pricing than we have seen...and hopefully better volumes....all this is setting us up well for larger revenue and profits. Good days ahead for all of us it seems.