Out of the mouths of babes - As a matter of fact i have heard of covid. Are you aware it did not start to impact business until March of 2020? Which means 2018 and 2019 business (come on say it) were not impacted by COVID. OH and BTW, your fearless promotional leader provided these comments in Aug of 2020 (if you can read a calander is some 5-6 mos after the worldwide impacts of COVID.

“COVID-19 is the best thing that could have happened to our business,” stated Larry O’Reilly, ARHT Media President and CEO. “We are firing on all cylinders as we move through Q3 with an expected doubling of revenue, new sales and distribution channels, new products releasing and a cash position that is 340% better than the end of Q1 – without any dilution. The entire, immensely talented, team at ARHT has been incredible through this transitionary period and we are coming out the other side positioned better than ever to capitalize on the potential of our software platform and services.”

So WHA HAPPEN? covid is the best thing in the world for art, firing on all cylinders since 2020, doubling revenue, new products and wait for it.........NO DILUTION. Yet still not profitable OR more importantly cash flow positive, getting on three years later,

DUNCE - me think the pot is calling the kettle black. You need to bring your 'A" game rookie. Your like shooting fish in a barrel

EVER HEAR OF BS from fearless leaders?????

kewlmoed wrote: Yeah man they did say that. Ever heard of covid???? The world closed for a couple years, dunce.
SunsetGrill wrote: Ya never heard nothing like that before (more than once - all you need to do is change the dates - see below. How about they prove it first - they are currently on year four of that promise. But lets ignore all that and look for what we only want to see. Larry sent your check is in the mail 8 mos ago, did you not get it?

Financial Outlook: As a result of the above mentioned sales and marketing activities, level of interest, and change in the business model, ARHT’s management team is targeting for the Company’s revenues to double in the coming fiscal year, to break-even inside of the next twelve months, with an objective to be profitable in fiscal 2019. “On the heels of strengthening our balance sheet, we have hit the ground running on a global basis and our new business models have been well received,” stated ARHT CEO Larry O’Reilly. “We have a world-class technology and a great opportunity to deploy it globally. The strength and appeal of our product is perfectly suited for many vertical markets and applications, which I expect will strengthen our financial growth and augment our shareholder value creation for the future.”

kewlmoed wrote: From the NOV 22 investor presentation. Company is well capitalized for growth with over $6.4M in cash, no long-term debt and targeting profitability in 2023. Large customer just onboarded. Huge announcement next month. All earnings have been invested into expansion. Yeah, they’re really struggling. Goof!