Maybe you should be bothered to read statements from your CEO, Larry then (see below) (PSSST- dont say you didnt read my drivel, then quote something from what i wrote). It makes you look like, oh lets say, a DUNCE.

 “COVID-19 is the best thing that could have happened to our business,” stated Larry O’Reilly, ARHT Media President and CEO. “We are firing on all cylinders as we move through Q3 with an expected doubling of revenue, new sales and distribution channels, new products releasing and a cash position that is 340% better than the end of Q1 – without any dilution. The entire, immensely talented, team at ARHT has been incredible through this transitionary period and we are coming out the other side positioned better than ever to capitalize on the potential of our software platform and services.”

kewlmoed wrote: Couldnt be bothered to read your drivel. Dont know why you are here if you can't stand the company. your babes line is so redundant. Yawwwn! Why dont you find a stock you actually like and go on that board.