GEE if making money in a stock was ONLY based on revenue; then you would have quadrupled your money- how is that going?. Yet the stock price has gone down over that revenue double double double. Why is that one should ask oneself???? Look at only what you want to look at and ignore everything else. psst do you think the losses went up by the same amt or more, with a smaller cash base.

I dont care two shites about this company or any other for that matter. i am only interested in profiting from buying shares. I dont hate the company at all and couldnt care less about it.. i simply state their current bussiness affairs. WHAT I DO comment on regularly are people like you posting absoulte shite and grasping at straws BULL Shite. Like say " block trades will result in the stock doubling'  OR, one sale to a theater will result in 200,000 more" OR have you ever heard of covid stupid" or "NIA stock of the year" or "will be profitiable in 2023" OR 'stock dilution doesnt matter". OR "we work is a game changer" or..........all the other BS you guys dream up rather than look at why this stock is at 15 cents

kewlmoed wrote: I wrote it because it is the first line anyone can read, stupid!. It’s only response you have, again clueless. And again, why are you here? You either have no shares and moan about a stock you don’t own, or have shares, and bash a stock you bought. Either way, the behaviour equates to slightly touched in the head. 2020 – 2MM, 2021 – 4 MM, 2022 – 8 MM. Double Double Double. Bet if you were at a caiso the whole floor would be hearing about your game of chance skill set. WTF else are expecting new tech company? And you b!tch about that. If you ran this, it would closed already.