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They exist mainly for new companies to receive start-up capital. Money needed to run operations for the company to exist. 90% of the companies listed, DO NOT MAKE ANY MONEY.
THE ONLY SOURCE OF INCOME IS FROM SALE OF STOCK ( financing deals, private placements and so on) 
For the most part they will continue this cycle without ever being profitable. A sort of rinse and repeat
And for the unknowing and new investor they buy these companies and end up losing money. 
In very few instances( in my years only once) has a company uplisted off these exchanges and made me real money and continues today
This has been the modus operandi for the venture exchange and over the counter stocks for the last 100 years and will continue
No one talks about it and the media( BNN) promote these companies knowing exactly what they are doing, 
There are also a group of “boiler room” traders( day traders) that scalp the shares of these companies, creating pump and dumps and fast moving exciting stories. 
The new money is not aware and buys these stocks thinking they will profit and as they buy the traders are selling the shares to them. The retail new money ends up “”holding a bag”. Or Losing their own hard earned money