Bahaha, go get 'em. Based on his own posts the chronology is : stock in the 50s he bashed. Stock all the way down to 28 he bashed. Then TADA! He bought stock at 28 and bragged about his trading genius. Especially compared to his many admirers who paid over 50. Cause he is of such genius he bought cheaper than all his admirers. Then? Gets a bit weird as you wondered. STILL bashed,bashed,bashed, all the way to 22 where he angrily dumped at a huge loss. He also bragged about his 6 digit trading and mocked anyone investing peanuts (ie <$100 k 7 digit share count. Bahahaha. And then? Even more intense nasty bashing after taking a huge loss and getting no sympathy from his many admirers. Since then , more bashing, but less frequent every instance it gets back over 20. So yeah, you nailed the trend. Always bashing. Never ran a thing in his life but his yap.  
kewlmoed wrote: I wrote it because it is the first line anyone can read, stupid!. It’s only response you have, again clueless. And again, why are you here? You either have no shares and moan about a stock you don’t own, or have shares, and bash a stock you bought. Either way, the behaviour equates to slightly touched in the head. 2020 – 2MM, 2021 – 4 MM, 2022 – 8 MM. Double Double Double. Bet if you were at a caiso the whole floor would be hearing about your game of chance skill set. WTF else are expecting new tech company? And you b!tch about that. If you ran this, it would closed already.