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I had the pleasure of meeting with Arrow management yesterday. Marshall is in town doing the rounds visiting II, Private family offices and HNWs. He tries to do this a couple of times a year at least.
So the good news is that everything is going to plan and is on schedule. Production remains strong, up a wee bit from the last report, net backs at $85 in the region of $55-$60per BOE, still bringing in around a couple of million bucks a month to add to the cash pile. With cash at $10.7m at the end of August, the present cash flow and the cash flow growth which is imminent means they are fully funded for all work programmes.
In October, the work flow goes roughly like this. Workover of RCE-1 to bring on the C7A stringer and RCS-1 to bring on the C7A and C7A stringer to co mingle with the C7B. The hope is that this will add between 400-800 bopd net to Arrow.
Then the drilling rig comes in towards the end of October and they drill two wells, RCE-3 and RCE-4 up until Xmas. They predict they will come in similar volumes as to the two previous, circa 800-1200 bopd net to Arrow between them.
Depending on how quickly this goes they may elect to drill the water disposal well before Xmas or move the rig to Carrizales Norte.
Carrizales Norte will get two wells drilled on it after the Xmas holidays.If/when Carizzales Norte comes in , you can expect production to start in March, by truck, sold at gate as per RCE.
East Pepper to be tied in over the next couple of months. They will flow this at about 1000boepd at the beginning (which is double what they had hoped it would do)
So all in all. 2 workovers 400-800, 2 development wells 800-1200, East pepper tie in 1000 boepd.
So even with the odd disappointment/delay I think they exit the year producing 3000boepd .
Seismic campaign to kick off at the beginning of the year (weather dependent). This will define multiple leads across the block, re-define them as prospects, ready to be drilled and produced.
They remain confident they can monetise the Monteney and are hopeful that the Oso Pardo license extension application is close to the finishing line.
We are very well set. MC of £33.5m is a bit of a joke IMHO. I added a wedge after the East Pepper update RNS