Stupid, you still don't get it, and your lack of mining and even learning from other mining operations is nothing short of amazing. 

You just said Osisko can pull out 8g/t from windfall as advertised. Can they? Just because a bulk sample over a small area of the deposit says they can doen't mean they can do it for 20 years. Here you go again calculating profit based on imaginary numbers you created. Until they actaually do it your just guessing. You have no idea what inflationi is going to do over the next 2-3 years. Or for that matter what the POG is going to do and here you are again throwing out imaginary numbers. Only the financials will tell the true story. 

You do the same thing here. Post a bunch of things made up in your mind on these various deposits and non of them have come true. Yet you keep doing it. How about waiting until they actually start producing number before assume revenues. 

Fruit Del Norte looked like a great deposit before Lundin started mining it. A good managment team has managed to produce better numbers than expect and they have maintained AISC within parameters. A true sign management understand the deposits and their mill. However that could change at any time. More inflation and a drop in the POG and numbers change quickly. You, on the other hand pull some numbers out of thin air and magically apply it to the entire project and poof that the way it is. Well it isn't. Again the only math that counts is the math when your producing. You should have learned that with the flooding of Moroy and the shelving of the Barry Open pit. Where's the numbers you were tossing around for those deposits. 

How about dealing in the here and now. The mill isn't running, no agreement with Oisko has been signed to run Windfall ore through the Bachelor Lake mill. Osisko and Bonterra are two seperate companies and for now no merger. Stay in the present. Not your imaginary future. At least not unitl it actually happens.