Any update? well eXclusif you can go to their website just as easily as I did 
I stumbled over V.TCN Centurion Minerals when I was doing a search for Centurion Apartment REIT.So I took a look. They have pictures of some crushers and conveyor belts loading trucks with gypsum, but when you read the text, they don't actually have a producing facility, they have concessions next door to the actual producers. It is just iguana pasture at the moment. Not very inspiring eh?  But wait I see a press release of 7 feb 202 saying they are going to switch to Cannabis production, and rebrand as Kadima Growth.  pump out 10 million more shares and buy up a hemp oil cbd producer in uruguay.  ... then the covid-19 pandemic held everything up - then in June 2020 they asked bc registra of companies to allow them to postpone their agm for 6 months... but now the 6 months is up,,, and no further news. 
So why are your reasons for believing  in this one eXclusif?