Response from IR regarding newsflow and revenue.. " The timing of your question couldn't be better. The company has gradually been putting in place the right people to handle IR, PR, and related awareness programs over the last few months, mostly to be ready for when they sign their first contracts. I would attribute some of the movement in the stock this year to a modest level of outreach, but a full program necessarily will begin after they get the necessary customers and partners.

In the meantime, you should see a gradual ramp up of activity, such as updated presentations and other activities. As you know, the kind of companies that will use the DelphX platform are some of the largest banks and asset managers in the world, so they have many layers of hierarchy and decision makers. Having worked with DelphX on and off for several years, I have had a front row seat to that process. I can't give you a timeline on when this will go live, but I can say that once DelphX signs its first customers, the revenue should begin very quickly. We will update the models at that time, but this should have all of the typical characteristics of a traditional transactional model, with very high margins and tremendous scalability. "