The recent announcement of an MSA with one of the largest tower operators in the world is a huge development for EasTower Wireless (TSXV: ESTW). 

The name of the tower provider was not disclosed in the company’s press release. However, the company did shed some light on what the potential of this agreement looks like. The largest capital market transaction this 2022 calendar year was with a very large tower builder and a bulge bracket bank for over $2 billion.

This is a prime example of how the 5G market continues to be resilient to risks of inflation and potential economic recession and remains to grow despite the current market uncertainty.

ESTW has been consolidating at all-time lows for over a month now. Given the potential of ESTW’s recent agreement, I expect the company’s next revenue update will be a massive bullish catalyst. 

ESTW.v is currently trading at $.045, valued at $2.71 million.