EU, not only closed the gap at 3.25 today, but also as I mentioned before it tested pivot point at $3.55 and 50 dma. I believe its overbought on daily chart, and made an early HCH. EU opened a gap up on Nov 23, @ $3.00. I think, in case there is no news on Monday the gap up will close by the end of the next week. Historically stock market corrects sharply after US thanksgiving or any other their national holidays. In any worse case scenario, there is another gap @ $2.84 $2.85 on Nov 18. I doubt that the gap @ $2.84 closes, but it depends to the market and Uranium sector. Uranium sector was trading sideways this last week and looks bearish until Dec 05/06. December, January and February are the best months to make money in the stock market e.g. uranium/gold/silver sectors.