Jeff, I appreciate the extraordinary efforts you and your team have made to get the project to this stage.  Greenbriar is on the cusp of smashing through the fear, uncertainty and doubt that has been created for so many years around commercial solar in Puerto Rico.

After previously pushing for Montalva's approval, it is pathetic that the FOMB decided to grandstand at the last moment. Hard to tell if the individuals on the FOMB are sincere, seeking attention, piling up more billable hours or just stalling progress while they buy more shares?  I suspect the motive may be different for each individual involved. It doesn't matter in the long run; they can't stop Montalva.  It has to be built to comply with the laws mandating much more renewable energy in the near term and to get PREPA out from under the court judgement.

Thank you for the updates.  They are very helpful to long term shareholders!