billybob22 wrote: Ephemere Catering & Consulting how can there be no word for any of these people. Cant call them (private number). No trace.

Hey food lovers! Liven up your Friday office party after market close. 

Curried Pondweed Soup and Duckweed Sandwiches paired with a select fish-flavoured vintage from the top rack. .. catering going for a penny a pop.

Order your meal-in-a-box today for your friends Billy Bob, West Shore and Winners Wing down at the Club


Ephemeral 1 : lasting a very short time (ephemeral pleasures).

2 : lasting one day only an ephemeral fever. ephemeral. noun.

Hulk: 1
a heavy clumsy ship
the body of an old ship unfit for service
a ship used as a prison 
usually used in plural
every prisoner sent to the hulks
an abandoned wreck or shell (as of a building, automobile or company)

Ephmre currently provides catering and product consultation services to its customers and through its Ephmre Supper Club, operates private dining experiences.

With this strategic acquisition, Pontus will strengthen its product development and food education program to create value-added functional foods and develop the Company's top line growth by expanding its customer base and creating a deeper market need for Pontus Protein.

Following the completion of the acquisition, Ephmre's Culinary Director, Shahni Arshad, will assume the role of Pontus' Culinary Director and Head Chef and be responsible for development of recipes and products incorporating Pontus Protein.

Furthermore, Pontus is pleased to announce that Ephmre's Consultant, Gianni Picchi, will provide ongoing consultancy services for Pontus. Mr. Picchi is a world-renowned restaurateur and formerly head chef at Winston's in Toronto, the iconic Banff Springs Hotel, Chateau Victoria and most recently, Il Giardino in Vancouver.

Through Ephmre, Mr. Arshad has built a reputation for creating innovative dishes for clients and will, subject to the completion of the acquisition, be the primary point of contact for companies in the food and beverage industry looking to enrich their products with Pontus Protein and other products that Mr. Arshad and Mr. Picchi will create.

Furthermore, Mr. Arshad and Mr. Picchi will continue build out Ephmre's meal kit delivery service, which will primarily include the incorporation of Pontus' current and future products in various formulations. Pontus anticipates the meal kit delivery system will be a significant revenue driver for the Company, as this sector has experienced significant growth over the last year, particularly in light of the decline in people attending restaurants and instead choosing to eat at home. Mr. Arshad's experience running commissaries will be well suited to his new role with the Company and the Company's growth.  

Ephmre brings with it a dedicated following of food lovers like Billy Bob and Westshore looking for innovative dishes and the acquisition will enable the Company to immediately reach Mr. Arshad's existing audience while continuing to grow Ephmre's following through social media outlets, TV, and live appearances.