kukaman wrote:

that management simply did not deliver the proclaimed revenue growth in KWESST's business year 2022 which already ended a month ago. According to previous comments from Chairman Luxton the Ukraine Russia war was described as a huge catalyst for business (e.g. see PR March 1, 2022). Basically nothing he said in interviews did materialize. In a Redchip webcast several months ago Luxton even said that KWESST is expecting orders for their laser detection system any day now. Amazing that an industry veteran with his vast experience gets the timing of contracts wrong that many times. Anyway, his reputation is certainly tarnished after this disaster for shareholders. 

Overall, I regret wasting my time and listening to Luxton's interviews at Agoracom and Redchip etc. and of course losing my hard earned money with this  joke if a company...

The timing of this proposal could not have been worse in these markets. Certainly a 40 to 1 rollback is a slap in the face, 70 to 1 wow. It does not matter, it is done, it was voted on by insiders. We can only sit back and see what comes next, The entire management team should resign in my view.