10 reasons Joel Sutherland joined Prostar as VP of Corporate Development and Investor Relations: 
1. There are almost no industries left where software can meaningfully drive massive cost savings and efficiencies to customers. Prostar's Pointman Pro product is one of the few remaining opportunities that can globally scale.  
2. Prostar's R&D phase is in the rearview mirror. Sales execution is in focus.
3. Prostar's COO (formerly CTO of Sun Microsystems (15 yrs)) joined 3 years ago; completely rebuilt the tech stack for global scalability (settlement in any currency, app in any language, no servers all cloud, data sovereignty issues = check).
4. Prostar has been working for over 3 years with enterprise customers and government DOTs to go from proof of concept to commercialization.
5. In fact, Colorado DOT in 2021 mandated all future Colorado DOT projects must use Prostar technology as utility strikes lowered by 97% on I-70 relocation contract. (this is not a small contract with a not insignificant $ amount budgeted for "underground accidents" and down time.  Think CDOT is alone?  Think again
6. 38,000 municipalities in US with < 20k population. 2-4 people in each muni will need the tech, and pay $10k (4 apps) total. 10% of this market = 3,800 * $10k = $38 mln
7. We are still super small in terms of people, market capitalization and organizational awareness. All of this will change as we have transitioned from infancy to growth
8. There will be massive news flow over the next 24 months as we continue to deepen our existing relationships (already happening) and add breadth.  
9. Customers love the idea that we can potentially save them anywhere from 7% to 10% of their budget for a de minimus amount of cash--our app costs $2,495 per year per person.  Insurance companies love us even more.  You'll love us if you don't self-insure.  You'll love us more if you do.
10. Our team is super high quality--from the CEO & COO to the interns. We understand that hard work combined with an excellent product will absolutely result in a sales inflection point. We are ALL driving towards making Prostar ubiquitous.