The global helium market is expected to grow significantly and experience supply shortages as industrial use, from things like semiconductors and MRI machines to aviation and rockets, continue to demand more and more of the element. $RHC.V, a Canadian exploration company, is aiming to help satisfy helium demand as governments in North America look to increase domestic manufacturing.
$RHC.V’s numerous assets have allowed the company to build a strong suite of results for each property. Not only that, $RHC.V also has interest in the lithium industry at their Climax property.
- They sampled up to 81.3 Mg/L lithium brine.
- 60,000 hectares makes it one of the largest lithium exploration projects in Canada.
- Once mineral rights are granted, continued engineering and analysis will be conducted.
With $RHC.V holding a significant interest in 2 industries that are expected to see supply shortages, there’s a lot to capitalize on here. Especially when initial production at Steveville is expected to occur in Q1 2023, with more initial production expected in Q3 and Q4.