It is amusing.  However, fully diluted there's currently over like 320 million shares outstanding.  I read some on this board think the bladder cancer market is worth over $1 billion.

What I really find interesting is how succesful TLD1433 has been via instillation into the bladder where there may not be any transferrin present.  What will happen when TLD1433 is premixed and administered bia IV for brain and lung cancer.  This is what Merck needs to be aware of and how much are they willing to pay to protect their revenue stream.

ScienceFirst wrote: The Research Capital recommandation (@0.80$) would give us a market valuation of 172M$, lower than the industry's standard for pivotal Ph. 2 data and approx. even to Ph. 1 data.

It also doesn't take into consideration the granting of  Breakthrough designation.

It also doesn't take into consideration the potential granting of Accelerated Approval either and that seems to be tied to the early 2023 "commercial revenues (projected)" milestone added to the corporate presentation since Feb. 7 2022.

So lots of catch-up, no matter the scenario.  BELLUS Pharma, a unique (one)!indication biotech (cough indication) worth 1.6B$ that completed a non-pivotal Ph. 2 trial in October raised 157MM$ in July, enough to have 2.5y of cash to end its Ph. 3 trial in 2025.  It is seen becoming the next standard of care.  Oncology stocks like ours would command much higher valuation in similar conditions.