Ucore is ahead of reemf but still has to commission and test CDP
2-3 yrs down the road the issue good be that reemf tech blows away ucores
 I have no idea of knowing that.
but if they are getting 25 million in grants and costs 45 million to compete, chances are " if" successful, they can blow the doors off ucore in functionality,esg etc
do I worry about reemf.  NO.   I am just bringing up a point that things will be fluid in industry

ucore May have finally got lucky on timing.   Instead of going balls to the wall refining tech for separation, ucore goes an incremental improvement that brings cost down to a reasonable level when it's need asap. 

Being one of the firsts I. North America. ( because Molly and lynas are bringing it) is helpful.
ucore isn't gonna have all the smcs and I doubt it's revenue opportunity is 3 billion
but it doesn't have to be.  A few hundred million in potential revenue can get this to a 5x in a few yrs.  10x if they can run a few successful SMCs by end of decade

lets not get ahead of ourselves.  Get funding for smc1, run it efficiently, lay the groundwork for a couple more