Good Afternoon People,
How many times over the last twelve years have we all heard that China controls the REE market because they do the nasty and dirty separation of ore to oxides.  First with the there own ore, then with imported ores.  Hundreds, if not thousands of busness articles stating this fact and saying that it has got to change.  I do not think the commissioning of the Demo plant will be the trigger, maybe but not likely.  Now the commission of the SMC1 in LA is when I would bet the farm.  The markets reaction to this news, now that just might send the stock price very high.  How high? Well, MP hit 75 on this kind of hype until the market found out that they could only do 90% of separation and the rest of it was done in China.  That pulled it down quick.  The quesion is how high will the hype push Ucore stock with news of 100% separation in NA, 75, 100 or above?  Now Pip is right in that Ucore is not going to move much until funding happens and that I think that is in the next 90 days.  But as everybody knows I see things more optimistic than Pip.  Hey Pip. the sky is falling and the Russians are coming! 
I am off to eat.  Have a great weekend.