Dear Pip, 
Thank You.
For making my point.  By any metic you might measure a company with, Ucore is about five years away from a share price of 75 to 100 dollars a share.  That would take 3 to 5 SMC on line in NA with many REE concertrate suppliers and offtake agreements with many OEM to get to that price.  Meaning a investment of say 6K for 10K of shares now.  Would be worth one million at 100 dollars a share.  You say pie in the sky.  Maybe, How big did Pat say the REE separation market was going to be?  How many billion?
But you know as well as I do, that the traders that run stocks up on speculation are at one point in the next five years going to run Ucore up like they MP.  Remember what happen last summer with gamestop?  All I was asking was when and what event in that five year timeline would be the most likely for it to happen.  I don't think it will be the commissioning of the Demo plant.  To new and not enough news coverage, but the commissioning of SMC #1 might be when it would happen.  Separating REE to oxide in NA will make news.   It will make news because it will break China's control of the REE market or at the least the start of the breaking.  So in a year to 18 months are we looking at a hype run on Ucore share price and how high will the traders push it?  
Hope you had a great thanksgiving.