I'm not a novice either trader53. You mentioned repeatedly on this board, and on CEO, that financing was iminent. It was pointed out to you, here, and on CEO, that a 2 million dollar tax rebate was coming. I found it odd that you ignored the comments about the tax rebate and continued to talk about them raising cash very soon. Its likeley that they have enough cash on hand to raise later after drilling this summer. 

The FED rate hike program will crush the economy if it continues much longer. There will be a ton of pressure to let inflation run hot.  Gold and silver are likely going to recover. The picture when they raise is likely going to much better then it is now. Think 2008 to 2011 gold and silver run. 

I disagree with your assment of insider ownership. WHN drills pretty cheaply compared to its peers. 

I have lots of skin in this one. I think this team will continue to build up a resource. I think we will end up with over 3 to 4 million ounces in the coming year or two.