just to clarify, because there are some who don't understand how the share purchase warrant over-hang affects the stock price:  the folks who participated in earlier financings were issued shares and share purchase warrants (together as part of the financing terms).  Some of those warrants (17M pre-consolidation - 1.1M post consolidation) have an expiry of July 2021.  Some of those investors sell their original shares into the market - that is where the selling pressure comes from.  They then take the proceeds from the sale and pay Versus to exercise the share purchase warrant in order to replace the shares they just sold.  Why? because they can exercise the purchase warrant at a much lower price than they were able to sell their original shares into the market.  Hence they end up with a much lower cost basis/higher profit.  For a complete listing of all share purchase warrants beyond the July warrants, please refer to their financial statements.

This is pretty obvious to most investors, but I suspect there are new investors who don't understand how this works...they just say: hey, where's all this selling comin from?  who's selling? why?

For peace of mind, just look at what Matthew Pierce is doing....exercising his share purchase warrants AND NOT SELLING.