Hello ferret

Good for you and EGLX is a name I did not follow but have now put on the watchlist. I am fully Invested right now and have had a pretty good run as of late. Nudging on a breakeven year at the moment which I consider not bad all things considered. That includes a 2% haircut as of last trading day for XBC. Actually more than that if using full year loss. Trying to hold off selling winners until the start of the New Year for tax reasons. I will probably raise some cash in the New Year but dividends more than cover expenses so not a big hurry. Started withdrawals on LIRA's turned to LIF's and unlocked 50% into RRSP's and took a nice chunk out to start.but mindful of taxes there also.We are heading to South Florida for 3 months starting mid Jan to Mid April. We rented a nice Oceanside Condo in the same building as we did last winter, just a different unit. Small building of around 100 units. Not sure if we will try something different next winter, my wife doesn't like it as much as I do.

Seasons Greetings Savy