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Ready for the EV Boom: Canada’s Top Magnesium Project

Stockhouse Editorial
3 Comments| July 28, 2021

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(The above map via West High Yield Resources reflects the Record Ridge drilled out and published PEA area (noted in yellow) inside the 7.5 sq km ultramafic outcrop discovery measured and indicated resource area of 600m x 1 km of mineralization, with overall resource potential that is inexhaustible as it remains open along strike and depth throughout the balance of the purple areas. This is based on the step out drilling holes noted in the table reflecting the upper and lower outer extremities of the designated overall discovered purple ore body.)

The EV Market is Ready to BOOM! Are you positioned in Canada’s Top Magnesium Project? A recent Executive Order signed by the Biden Administration is proving to be beneficial to mineral resource companies across North America, especially those involved in the electric vehicle (EV) growth segment.

Signed in February 2021, the order focuses on identifying and prioritizing critical and essential goods and materials, includingClick to enlarge computer chips, large capacity batteries, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and critical and strategic materials, as well as rare-earth minerals.

Under the directive to strengthen critical supply chains, specifically high-capacity batteries, including Electric Vehicle Batteries and light weighting material, the order also identifies critical minerals and other strategic materials as its own critical supply chain.

The US government’s critical minerals list consists of commonly used battery materials and lightweight metals, such as magnesium, which is excellent news for West High Yield Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: WHY, OTC: WHYRF, Forum).

The public Company is deeply involved in magnesium, which is lighter, cleaner, greener, more durable, and sustainable. The team leading WHY Resources believes that in strengthening magnesium’s supply chain it could, along with other initiatives, release the invention and productivity of this industry to reduce carbon emissions.

West High Yield 's Role as a Critical Minerals Supplier

This mining exploration and development Company has been focused on acquiring, exploring, and developing mineral resource properties in Canada with a primary objective to develop its Record Ridge magnesium deposit (one of the world’s largest, greenest deposits of high-grade magnesium) using green processing techniques to minimize waste and CO2 emissions. The Company will utilize over 99% of its mined ore and extract saleable products while the extraction process releases less than 0.2 of 1% CO2 emissions.

The deposit is an undervalued asset held by the Company, relative to its advanced stage, its resource has been proven up, with $40 billion (USD) in high-grade magnesium.

This is a key part of the message, as the US is currently import-dependent on magnesium, yet there is no substitute for magnesium in many top industries such as steel production. The Company’s property contains a potentially inexhaustible resource of magnesium

This represents a significant disparity in WHY’s current share price relative to the value of its asset.

According to a June 2021 report published by, the global market for automotive magnesium die casting was estimated at $4.2 billion (USD) last year and is projected to reach $8.1 Billion (USD) by 2027, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10% over that time. The US market alone was estimated at $1.1 billion (USD) in 2020.

West High Yield fits well into this story, operating in a mining friendly jurisdiction with solid infrastructure already in place and a proximate labor force.

(Chart via West High Yield Resources. Click to enlarge.)

On the mining side, the Company will utilize 99% of the ore extracting high purity magnesium, high-grade silica, as well as nickel, iron, and trace amounts of cobalt, through a closed loop acid leach system, which sees lower CO2 emissions than through more common thermal processes.

The contribution of WHY’s product to reducing CO2 emissions, and reduce global carbonization of the globe will put the Company in a position to earn carbon credits that could be sold back out, representing another possible revenue source.

Why is magnesium important to the automotive industry and government?

When several leading companies in the magnesium extraction market and the North American Die Casting Association released a joint statement applauding the Biden Administration’s move to secure the mineral’s supply chain, the consortium noted that it would become more resilient and diverse — facilitating greater domestic production.
An acceleration in production would be best seen in the EV market, where magnesium’s “light weight” qualities could increase market demand for more-efficient, expanded-range US-made vehicles.

As the government works with industries to both increase the number of domestic sources and explore global sourcing options, the magnesium industry is currently dealing with shortages and price increases, exceeding available supply.

Magnesium’s value currently sits around $4,600 (USD) / tonne when processed into metal ingots. When calculated with West High Yield’s 10.6 million tonnes of process magnesium in place and multiply that out by that dollar amount = $48.8 billion (USD) and the math speaks for itself.….this Company is sitting on an immensely valuable resource, which should be rather straightforward to extract at surface through an environmentally friendly process, keeping that 99% utilization rate.

In May 2021, Stockhouse Editorial took a deeper look into West High Yield’s exciting resource, which is currently under provincial review and awaiting final permitting. Click here to read more. With the mine situated near the city of Rossland in the West Kootenay region of south-eastern British Columbia, the Company recently had laboratory test work completed that reflected sales product yields of over 99%, and magnesium purity of over 99%.

The 8,972-hectare Record Ridge project is in the advanced stage, undertaking further test work to study and optimize the various nickel, silica and iron by-products. This will be followed by a techno-economic evaluation and preliminary engineering design and costing work as part of the pre-feasibility study required ahead of a pilot plant demonstration of the process.

Exploration highlights:

  • Over 10,000 metres drilling, 77 holes, all mineralized (Mg, Ni, Si, Co, Fe)
  • Resource remains open along strike and depth covering an area of 600m x 1 km of mineralization inside a 7.5 sq km ultramafic outcrop discovery
  • Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources include 43 million tonnes averaging 24.6% Mg, totaling 10.6 million tonnes contained Mg 18.5 million tonnes MgO

Investment summary

The $8 billion (USD) generated from automotive magnesium die casting is just the beginning from here, this figure is expected by many economists to grow. West High Yield is ideally positioned to take advantage of this growth.

In speaking with Stockhouse Editorial, West High Yield’s Chief Executive Officer and President, Frank Marasco Jr. compared his Company’s asset to the dollar equivalent of 20 million Oz. of gold sitting there at Record Ridge, waiting to be extracted.

Magnesium’s role in the future of battery power is undeniable. A new mining company that is trying to get into the business would have to spend more than a decade meeting development and permit requirements, yet West High Yield Resources is near the end of that road. This Company has put in the work and has come out of the 13-year average timeframe in BC to offer investors a rare and exciting opportunity – an immense resource that is desperately needed to power the electronics that our lives depend on, ready to mine in short order in BC’s back yard.

(West High Yield stock chart – January 2021 to July 2021. Click to enlarge.)

Boasting a market cap of just $27.5 million (CAD), WHY shares have performed well this year, moving 86% higher year-to-date. Since this time, last year, WHY’s stock has grown 247.8%.

Few companies tracked by Stockhouse offer as many transformational qualities under specialty metal mining and the future of tech, the economy, and the environment as West High Yield Resources. The addressable market this Company is ready to serve is massive, which would in turn translate into benefit for shareholders. It is a story we may hear among other companies in this space following WHY’s lead, meaning a range of supply, built-in redundancies, adequate stockpiles, safe and secure digital networks, and a world-class American manufacturing base and workforce.

Given die casting’s CAGAR, EV growth as a segment and the absolute exponential growth relative to the anticipated demand growth, this is the tip of the iceberg for magnesium and West High Yield Resources’ place in this market. Both will experience exponential growth going forward.

For more on this Company, visit

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a paid article produced by Stockhouse Publishing.

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Upside for WHY is intense, and it just needs a solid capital infusion to light the rocket. Government needs to step up to help emerging green giants since the capital markets are not doing a good enough job to fund them in general at the early stages.
July 29, 2021

This sounds so encouraging. Means employment opportunities. It will bring some miners back closer to homework work. Keep an eye on this one.
July 29, 2021

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