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The Innovative, New App to Get Your Car, Your Way…

Dave Jackson Dave Jackson, Stockhouse
3 Comments| March 17, 2022

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Negotiating a new vehicle purchase is often an exercise in futility and sometimes ends in frustration. Now, meet a Canadian company that’s offering a unique, new app that makes the entire purchase and financing easy by bringing the vehicle and finance offers to you…without the salesman and without any pressure.

Late October 2021, Stockhouse readers were introduced to a very different kind of AI-powered automotive purchasing platform – one that could completely change the way consumers comparison shop for vehicles and financing… now and into the future.

Based in Edmonton AB, Carbeeza Inc. (TSX-V.AUTO, Forum), and its game changing technology is blazing across the country at a blistering pace. From its soft launch Sept 8th, the company has wasted no time and is quickly adding certified pre-owned and franchise dealers’ inventory and mined lender data to its repertoire. Consumers can now quickly locate hard-to-find vehicles and obtain previously unavailable financing information. Western Canada phase is complete – as of this article they are now rolling into Ontario and the rest of Canada. Its all part of their execution and growth strategy for North American

Sandro Torrieri, Chief Executive Officer of Carbeeza, commented:

“With hundreds of new participating dealers across the West, we are now executing our Eastern Canada national rollout strategy. We are excited to offer an application that makes available all aspects of an auto purchase in one comprehensive package. Consumers are, for the first, time, anonymous and in complete control of the auto purchase and financing process. For dealerships, Carbeeza decreases consumer acquisition costs and increases foot traffic and deal flow as consumers increasingly turn to on-line marketplaces.”

To date, Carbeeza boasts over 250 franchise dealerships in Western Canada and that number grows daily. On average 50% of dealers contacted, quickly become Carbeeza partners. To onboard these dealers, Carbeeza engineers have built its own set of automated syndication tools. Sandro comments “owning our own syndication technology ensures that we are NOT captive or reliant on syndicators providing Carbeeza dealer inventory and data. Once a dealership signs up with Carbeeza, their inventory activation automatically occurs within four to 24 hours. Our technology saves our company hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in syndication fees. It is our intention to build software that automates and integrates as much of the business that we can. It is in the best interest of our investors and customers.”

(Click image to enlarge)

Mr. Torrieri went on to say this about achieving these high watermarks:

“I’m exceptionally proud of our team for hitting these important milestones. We are excited to be able to offer an advanced, AI-powered platform for both consumers and dealers. The pandemic has disrupted our lives and has hastened changing consumer habits when shopping. Consumers prefer to go online when shopping first, either gather information or purchase. Carbeeza is the perfect solution for all parties involved.

No Gimmicks, No Nonsense, No Clickbait.

Carbeeza understands that the auto purchase experience is often the second most important buying decision a consumer will ever undertake. Carbeeza works hard to build a trusted relationship with its customers. Sandro says, “We simply provide consumers honest data and information they can really use when purchasing and vehicle and or acquire financing.

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So How is it DONE ?

Powered by AI and combined with mountains of industry data, Carbeeza ingeniously delivers a patent pending web-based, IOS and Android application that empowers the consumer with unparalleled power at their fingertips. The technology allows consumers to gain access to lender and auto dealers’ complete information – “consumers get the opportunity to peak under the covers.” Carbeeza knows that when a consumer is shopping for a vehicle, it is beneficial to also know which lender would finance them and know the absolute lowest interest rate available in Canada. Once a consumer finds their vehicle of interest, they can use the deal discovery mechanism that allows the consumer to anonymously haggle on price. The entire Carbeeza process makes pertinent information easily available and empowers the consumers in ways previously unattainable. Carbeeza facilitates a truly informed and transparent shopping experience. Best of all, the consumer can choose to be anonymous and the service is entirely FREE with no hidden gimmicks.

So How Does it Work ?

Carbeeza is a no pressure transparent shopping experience. In North America over 99% of consumers dislike the traditional walk-in showroom auto purchase and financing experience. More and more consumers are looking to the web to help with their data acquisition. Carbeeza has developed an end to end no-nonsense 5 step consumer shopping experience. Once a consumer downloads or use the web version of the application, the consumer can then create a user account or be anonymous.

1. Step 1: Consumer answers 4 non identifying questions.

2. Step 2: Next consumer choose the vehicles they are interested in.

3. Step 3: Now the Techno Magic begins. The Carbeeza machine now takes over and displays “only” the vehicles that fit the consumers financial capacity and daily use requirements. Carbeeza packages all the data in a fully optimized format, no more guess work or hunting for important information. Consumers are welcome to browse the data as often as they would like. There is zero pressure and all at the customers timeline.

4. Step 4: If a consumer likes one or more vehicles, they can use the “price discovery” mechanism that allows a consumer the ability to anonymously haggle with the dealer for a better price. Dealers has up to 60 minutes to respond to the Price change request.

5. Step 5: Once a consumer is satisfied with their searches, comparisons, and calculations, they may want to purchase. We invite them to the next step in the process. On instruction from the consumer, Carbeeza opens a communication channel between consumer and dealer salesperson (all pertinent deal information is sent to the dealer). Now it’s the responsibility of the salesperson to build a relationship with the customer and answer any further questions. Once a customer is fully satisfied, the transaction will proceed with the creation of a sales and financing agreement based on the vehicle, price and financing previously negotiated while anonymous. If the consumer follows the Carbeeza model, there will be no surprises.

6. In summary, as the matchmaker, Carbeeza wants the consumer to acquire their dream vehicle without overpaying or over-financing. Sandro says, “we distill out the painful process of buying and financing a vehicle into a simplified experience leaving you satisfied and hassle free.” That’s the Carbeeza way.

(The free Carbeeza app is available for download on the Apple Store or Google Play stores. Click images to download your copy of Carbeeza.)

How Carbeeza helps Dealers and Lenders

five years ago, consumers would visit on average five dealerships when shopping for a vehicle to realize their best vehicle, price, and financing. However, over the last five years there has been a rapid and steady decline in the number of consumers that visit dealerships. The reduction in foot traffic is in excess of 60% and in the past few years COVID-19 has further reduced that number. Dealerships thrive on buyers visiting their stores and the declines has forced dealers to materially increase their advertising budget and purchase other marketing products such as leads. Many leads are nefariously created and as a whole are incredibly expensive with limited returns. On average about 5% of leads generate any real revenue for the dealerships. There has to be a better way.

Carbeeza is the better way. As the conduit between consumer and dealers, Carbeeza provides dealers with vetted customers that are ready to buy. Carbeeza is based on sales, NOT leads. Furthermore, Carbeeza provides a guarantee and only gets paid by the dealer when a consumer purchases a vehicle. Carbeeza is a true partner to dealers, lenders, and consumers.

Investment Opportunity

Carbeeza feels that it has many investment merits that may be attractive to potential investor. Carbeeza is unlike many of its so-called competitors. Sometimes Carbeeza is compared to online auto providers that sell their own inventory with inflexible single lender financing that is a really traditional bricks and mortar dealership in disguise. COVID-19 and its containment policies has accelerated the adoption of e-commerce and the growth is here to stay. Carbeeza was designed from its inception to take advantage of the growing online first trend. We deliver high value customers to dealerships by harnessing the power of AI. Consumer use Carbeeza as a 1 (one) stop shopping experience that is anonymous and transparent. Carbeeza acts as an exchange – connecting fragmented consumers to dealer.

As a serial tech entrepreneur, Mr. Torrieri’s approach to Carbeeza follows a similar blueprint to other companies he has founded or participated in. With his strong background and successes, he feels that this new venture that explores and evolves the science of financing can be very appealing as a platform in any market or segment. The first application taking advantage of the technology is the automotive marketplace. Carbeeza is an asset-light business that is expected to result in high cash conversion, which will aid its expansion across Canada and within a year entry into the US. Carbeeza recently announced a convertible debenture. Proceeds will help to support its marketing efforts and dealer onboarding across Eastern Canada, while continuing to enhance its product offering. Mr. Torrieri expects to be lead investor and fund a significant share of the offering out of his own pocket, throwing further support behind a business that he has so much faith in.

From the CEO

In a comprehensive interview, CEO Sandro Torrieri sat down with Stockhouse Editorial to discuss Carbeeza’s unique application, its one-of-a-kind business model, and what investors and company shareholders can expect in the upcoming months for this intriguing technology play.

SH: To start off with, can you update our investor audience and your Carbeeza shareholders on any new company developments, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Omicron variant?

ST: During Covid, in July of this year we became a publicly traded company on the TSX (TSX-V.AUTO). Followed by our Soft launch Sept 8th that also marked the beginning of our western Canadian dealer acquisition strategy. During the past months we have worked hard to bring dealers onboard, build a number of automation systems, create new AI platforms, and honing our marketing strategies. We are on target with our execution plan and now starting our Eastern Canada acquisition strategy starting with Ontario. We are pleased with our position and growing footprint in the market.

SH: Why is a Bee your logo or Mascot?

ST: A Bee is a perfect logo/mascot for Carbeeza. Here’s why, in nature worker bees are tirelessly flying from orchid to orchid, plant to plant, gathering pollen and bringing it back to the hive for use. Our Carbeeza bees act in the same manner. Our application tireless collects data around the clock, bringing disparate pieces of data back to our processors where we turn diverse data into information that is useful and actionable by our customers. As you can see, a Bee is a great choice as our mascot. Protects consumers from being STUNG!

SH: For our listeners that may be discovering your company for the first time, can you please give us a little background history about the company and a brief overview of your operations?

ST: Carbeeza is a self-funded Startup, beginning work in late 2017. During that time, we poured millions into the development of the software prior to bringing it to the market. The feature-rich application is a complex mix of technology that provides a comprehensive patent pending experience to our customers. The company is comprised of an outstanding development team, tenured marketing and highly experienced sales and management.

SH: Sandro, you say the Carbeeza app will “continue to allow consumers and dealers the ability to make better decisions, faster.” How so?

ST: Because most consumers are all too aware of the challenges in buying a vehicle, we seek to change this arduous and anxiety-filled process by making it as consumer friendly as possible. Carbeeza transparently aggregates all vehicle and lender data. Consumers can analyze vehicle data, pricing and lender programs that are appropriate for them. Here is a short list of some other data assembled including, 61 Canadian lenders, incentives programs, manufacturer promotions and Canadian black book used vehicle valuations. All information is made available at NO CHARGE to the consumer. It’s the Carbeeza way.

SH: There are a lot of companies entering the software space targeted to the automotive marketplace. What differentiates Carbeeza from the competition and makes your business model unique?

ST: Carbeeza is building a trusted relationship with its customers both consumer and dealers. Today, when a consumer searches online and is looking for a vehicle’s best price and true financing rates, it sometimes feels like a futile exercise and experience. That is because the online market is complex, confusing, and convoluted. There is an incredible number of misleading ads, data, clickbait, all designed to try to confuse the consumer. Carbeeza is the first product to lift the veil off the automotive and lender industry and make all aspects of auto purchase and financing process completely transparent. Consumers are free to use the application and all the associated data as often as they wish at NO CHARGE. There are no ads, or schemes to get the consumer to pay for additional services or privileges. What you see is what you get. With Carbeeza, the consumer is in control of the entire process and decisions. There is no other application as advanced as Carbeeza

SH: As per your marketplace rollout…province by province…state-by-state...the Company has officially launched in Western Canada. Can you walk us through this initiative and how has the app been received here in B.C.?

Click to enlargeST: Since our soft launch Sept 8th, 2021, we have enjoyed wide acceptance in each province we enter. We have a very high sales close ratio with dealers at over 50%. We could never imagine as fast a take rate as we have experienced. Obviously, with such rapid growth, it exposed some process weaknesses that we have since overcome with machine learning and automation. Dealer acceptance exceeds our initial projections and now Carbeeza’s inventory is starting to compete with some of the largest on-line providers in the country. A quick note, it is Carbeeza’s intention to build a trusted relationship with its customers and for that reason we only invite franchise dealers and certified pre-owned dealers to participate in our service. By doing so we are hoping to ensure the best selection of vehicles with dealers that stand behind their product for the consumer’s protection.

SH: In September, you announced the platform launch date for your software app in Alberta and shortly thereafter into British Columbia. Any new updates for launching elsewhere in 2022?

ST: We have successfully launched our operations in Western Canada with the addition of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Having streamlined our processes and ensuring our internal systems are efficient, we are able to turn our attention to Canada’s biggest market, Ontario. Within 6-8 months we will complete the onboarding for the rest of Canada. Plans for the USA deployment have already begun and will commence upon completion.

SH: From an investment perspective, how does the company generate steady and recurring revenue?

ST: Carbeeza is a Dealer paid commission-based revenue model. When a consumer purchases a vehicle from a dealership, Carbeeza earns a fee per vehicle sold. The opportunity for Carbeeza is immense and incredibly lucrative. Small incremental market penetrations equate to large profits for Carbeeza. As an example, 1% market penetration North America wide equates to over $200M CDN in profit. In addition, there are further revenue streams that have been developed, yet to be released (with many more in the pipeline), that can provide significant incremental revenues when implemented.

SH: Any other recent timely and topical company news we should know about?

ST: A few items come to mind and obviously we can’t divulge our wildest deepest secrets, however, we have an extensive software roadmap with valuable tools for consumers and dealers. On the sales front our team is already working on Ontario and planning for the remainder of the country. We have announced our Debt Debenture to be completed end of March as well as a round of capital raise. Finally, we will continue to patent as much of our creativity that we can, protecting our investors and the company from copycats

SH: Can you discuss the long-term strategy for the company?

ST: We will enter the USA within this calendar year. Additional technology is planned for deployment this year to keep us well ahead of any competition

SH: I have to mention your stock has had a bit of a roller coaster ride since you went public in July in an RTO with HIT Technologies Inc. What can you tell our investor audience regarding the current valuation of your stock and why you think it’s a good buy right now?

ST: As you know, Carbeeza launched at .40 cents and within a few days the stock price jumped to over $1.80 with over 400,000 shares transacted per day. During that time and until just recently, we have refrained from making many new announcements. We have been purposely quiet with press releases, but in the background the team has been focusing and preparing diligently on functionality, user experience, dealer expansion… on the things that really matter to the long-term success of the company. We are very confident on the work we have done and our plans going forward. Regarding the stock price today, we believe there is a fundamental disconnect from company value to stock price and we do not feel that it is indicative of the true stock price the company will enjoy.

SH: And finally, Sandro, anything else I’ve overlooked that you would like to add?

ST: Companies are nothing more than an aggregation of its people. I am incredibly fortunate to have a fabulous group by my side. Together we are a force to be reckoned with. As I said, we have been very quiet, as a few competitors and investors know about us. I suspect going forward our existence will become well known as we continue to deploy and disrupt the market. As the song goes “We have only just begun.”

We are all very excited for the company, Carbeeza has great momentum and a bright future. If you would like further information on the company, we would like to hear from you at

For more information, visit


FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a paid article produced by Stockhouse Publishing.


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