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Buzz on the Bullboards: New Stocks see Action

Stockhouse Editorial
0 Comments| July 26, 2019

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This edition of Buzz on the Billboards sees some newcomers in several sectors, and we have a new sector to profile this week – eGaming.

Movers and Shakers

Metals and Mining

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Great Bear Resources Ltd. (TSX: V.GBR, OTCQB: CTBDF, Forum) |8,639 views on the bullboards

Stock price on July 16 ($5.17), closing on July 22 at ($5.47) UP

(GBR Stock chart. Click to enlarge.)

Great Bear Resources is new to the Top Bullboards this week. The Canadian gold exploration Company had a string of positive news stories come out lately. Most recently, GBR discovered a new high-grade "Yuma" Zone at 1.4 km step-out along LP fault from the Bear-Rimini Zone in unassayed historical drill core. Follow-up drill results are pending. While some bullboard posters are poking fun at GBRs limited gold discoveries, others like rborhi are more optimistic:

the Golden Highway!
rborhi |July 20, 2019

A great time for a massive gold discovery in the heart of Canadian gold mining. Maybe the next Hemlo?? Gold price rising and lots of drill results to come. At this rate I can tell you it would be bought out for multiples of the current share price. Will be a great rest of summer and fall if this keeps up.


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The big story with cannabis in recent weeks has been the ongoing debacle with disgraced producer CannTrust HoldingsInc. (TSX:TRST) have been removed from shelves and taken offline from the Ontario Cannabis Store, after Health Canada finishes its investigation involving the licensed producer, which has been deemed non-compliant.

Health Canada reported that during an inspection, it found that CannTrust was producing cannabis at its Pelham, Ontario greenhouse in rooms that had not yet been approved, and that employees provided “false and misleading information” to inspectors. Roughly 5,200 kg of dried cannabis grown in those rooms has been placed on an inventory hold. The company also placed a voluntary hold of about 7,500 kg of dried cannabis equivalent also produced in unlicensed rooms. It's estimated the company grew 12,700 kgs of cannabis illegally. Its shares spiked on Friday after its CEOs were forecd out of the company.

Now the company is under investigation from The Schall Law Firm, Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman and Kehoe Law Firm, on behalf of shareholders, as well as Block & Leviton, for possible violations of federal securities laws. TRST stock has sine fallen more than 40%.

(TRST Stock chart. Click to enlarge.)


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Burcon NutraScience Corp. (T.BU, Forum) |7,665 views on the bullboards

Stock price on July 16 ($1.18), closing on July 22 at ($1.12) DOWN

In recent news, Burcon Updates on Development Activities

With companies like Beyond Meat making waves in popular fast food restaurants, plant-based proteins are becoming increasingly popular with health-conscious consumers. Buron NurtaScience Corp is making waving in the industry with products like Peazazz pea protein and Clarisoy soy protein. The company is also developing Puratein and Supertein Canola protein.

T.BU is new to the top bullboards this week, but I don’t think it will be that last time we see them. Bullboard poster Biomed4077 says this stock is getting ready to take off ...

Getting ready to take off…

Biomed4077| July 23, 2019

Adapting to the future

The federal government stands ready to facilitate such changes, recently introducing more than $150 million in funding for the Proteins Industry Canada “supercluster,” aiming to encourage farmers and entrepreneurs in the Prairies to use new technology to increase the value of Canadian crops such as canola, wheat and pulses.

Another reason such a shift makes sense is the fact that raising animals as food is expensive. To produce a pound of animal-based protein requires many more pounds of crops and litres of water than are needed to produce a pound of plant-based protein.

Read more: The true cost of cattle is much, much higher than you imagine.

With a surge in demand for commodities like peas, which are a key ingredient in products like the Beyond Burger, savvy Canadian farmers and producers are pivoting to adapt. Industry giant.

Maple Leaf Foods, for one, recently announced an investment of US$310 million to expand their plant-based offerings.

With all of these changes, investors in companies that are in the business of producing plant-based food stand to be winners, as does anyone who aims to enjoy the taste and texture of meat without the downsides of conventional meat.


Click to enlarge

Vermilion Energy Inc. (T.VET, Forum) |11,781 views on the bullboards

Stock price on July 16 ($28.21), closing on July 22 at ($26.10) DOWN

Vermillion Energy is new to the top bullboards this week, taking second spot in the top most viewed energy stocks. In recent news,Vermilion Energy Inc. Announced a $0.23 CDN Cash Dividend for August 15, 2019 Payment Date.

Here is what bullboard posters are saying:

wateroperator |July 22, 2019

Oil investors looking for a bargain have a treat if they haven’t come across the following company before. With a few downtrodden stocks doing the rounds in the oil patch, it’s easy to give in to the bearishness that’s starting to creep into the sector. However, this high-yield dividend stud could prove to be a winner for long-term shareholders.

One in Vermilion — the stock with an ace up its sleeve

With shares down 40% in the past year, Vermilion Energy (TSX:VET)(NYSE:VET) is a beaten-up stock trading at a fraction of what it’s capable of. For a snip, the stock rewards investors willing to take a punt with a significantly high dividend yield currently topping 10%.

Down 8.59% at the end of last week to sell at a near 52-week low of $26, the dividend yield on offer is now a substantial 10.58%. If you’re bullish on oil, this is the one stock to stack for tasty passive income with a relatively stable yield that’s way over the TSX average.

However, reasons to be bearish on oil abound. From oversupply fears to an OPEC constrained by economic considerations, pundits doubtful about higher barrel prices have been making a fearful case of late. Though heightened tensions in the Strait of Hormuz caused oil to rise a little, the commodity has been grinding lower and could be set to continue in this vein.

From oil tankers to tanking oil, bearishness is creeping in

In an ordinary scenario, a pinched bottleneck like the Strait of Hormuz would cause oil bulls to wave their flags and proclaim the dawn of higher oil. However, this is 2019 we’re talking about, where everything is financially topsy-turvy. With the spectre of a North American recession materializing out of a fog of disheartening data, the prospect of a protracted oil bear is becoming very real.

Never mind seized oil tankers — a recession could tank oil. The sector just had its worst week since the start of the season, despite the increasingly insistent drums of war beating in the Middle East, with U.S. prices ditching 7.5% thanks to excess supplies of crude. Indeed, oil is looking increasingly like a “war investment,” with any scarcity likely to be driven by conflict rather than careful output manipulation.

Why is Vermilion Energy still a solid bet, despite lower oil? First of all, look to its sturdy balance sheet for low-risk reassurance. Secondly, the company can scale back on exploration and development to protect its distribution. Thirdly, the company has good credit. If investors are concerned about a dividend cut, the fact that Vermilion Energy raises its payout when times are good should be further indication that it likes to reward its shareholders.

The bottom line: Paying one of the most impressive yields on the TSX, Vermilion is one to buy and forget about — even if you’re bearish on oil. Its good health, good credit, and room to maneuver in terms of cutbacks make for a limber company capable of protecting its distribution, making it suitable for a long-term investment.


Click to enlarge

Returning from last week’s Buzz, its Canadian software company is Martello Technologies Group Inc. (V.MTLO, DRKOF, Forum) - 31,700 views on the bullboards.

Stock price on July 16 (0.61¢), closing on July 22 at (0.43¢) DOWN

In recent news,Martello and Paessler Respond to Growing Demand for IT Service Assurance Solutions for Large Enterprises. Following the announcement, Martello Technologies’ stock increased 15% to $0.495 (July 23, 2019).

Martello remains the most popular technology stocks on the bullboards, and ranks #4 overall. Here is what MNK3240 has to say about Bruce joining V.MTLO:

MNK3240 |July 23, 2019

Bruce, who worked mainly in the technology sector before he founded Canopy Growth in 2013, has been involved with Martello for the past six years. Now, he says he wants to pass on some of the strategies he used to scale Canopy Growth from a $100 million market capitalization to $17.5 billion in just a few years.

“I’ve been leaning in super hard on them to say, ‘Guys . . . you can buy companies one at a time, or you can sign three or four or five up, make it binding on them, and then figure out which one you want to buy,’” Bruce said.

“What I’m doing is taking some of the things that I have learned, a little bit more of my standard ‘put the screws in as fast as you can’ (strategy),” he added. “What I really want to do is make it a solid serious business which could either make a good home in a private equity firm or be a bigger market capital company.”

If he stays long enough with Martello, something is going to happen big sooner rather than later! Just a matter of time.

The advantage and disadvantage of a penny stock is that it can take a wild swing. If things go as planned (and as expected), you may not have time to get in at a good price. Not sure, if the current price is good or bad but looking at the big picture and future potential, around $0.50c is no way a bad price to get in.

If you are planning long, hold tight and if you are planning to get in, keep it on your watch list. If you're short, may be think twice before it's too late!

Of course, there will be short term volatility!

DYDD before investing!


Bitfarms Ltd. (V.BITF, Forum) |4,522 views on the bullboards

Stock price on July 16 ($2.20), closing on July 22 at ($2.18) UP TO $3.60 (July 17, 2019)

In recent news,Bitfarms Announces Listing Date of Common Shares on the TSX Venture Exchange under the Symbol BITF

New to the top bullboards and new to the TSX Venture, V.BITF made its debut July 16. 2019.

It finished the first day of trading at $2.20, and when as high as $3.60 the following day. According to this bullboard poster, compared to other data centers in Quebec BITF is the “king”:

Don’t want to Pump but…
Firstshot000001|July 21, 2019

I live in Quebec and in data centers in Quebec these guys are king. Yes last year aggressively expanding during a crypto winter results to losses on the books. But most btc mining companies had an ugly 2018. One Quebec data center i know, private ( only 6 MW ) has a $0.034 kwhr rate. Electricity is THE biggest variable when looking at a crypto mining stock. I LIKE SUPER LOW TRADING FLOAT. but warrants have me concerned!!


This is the first time that we have profiled an eGaming company on the top bullboards, as we would normally classify them as a technology company, but with recent monumental mergers like that of Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. (V.EGLX) with J55 Capital Corp, and Aquilini GameCo Inc. to form one of the largest diversified gaming and eGaming media organizations in the world, it is tough to ignore this emerging sector. According to BNN Bloomberg, eGaming has joined the mainstream and could hit 276 million gamers by 2022.

Fandom Sport Media Corp. (C.FDM, Forum)|8,757 views on the bullboards

Stock price on July 16 (0.045¢), closing on July 22 at (0.045¢) NO CHANGE

In recent news,After Successful Beta Launch Period FANDOM SPORTS Unleashes Exciting Opportunity for Investors to Team Up on Sport Application Technology

Despite the negative banter on the bullboards, there was one more optimific poster:

The Evolution Continues
AbNormAI |July 18, 2019

The app is now linked to news feeds for past games played. Now one can get the latest articles from varied sources on the specific teams or that particular game. A BIG PLUS in my opinion. Another step towards one stop shopping!

For more on eGaming, check out Stockhouse’s recent feature on the market, its major players and some background on what this emerging corner of the gaming industry.

Click to enlarge

Given our focus on rising stocks, and the surprising lack of gains in the cannabis sector, our latest Investor Pulse Poll seems all the more relevant. We want to know what sector you think is the one to watch in the latter half of 2019, so head over to the homepage to cast your vote.

As always, look for undervalued stocks, and then strap yourselves in for what will be (in many cases) a long and wild ride. And as these stocks rise and fall, Stockhouse remains your best destination to exchange information and ideas with other investors.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Great Bear Resources Ltd. is a client of Stockhouse Publishing.


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