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Buzz on the Bullboards: Hot Sector Highlights

Omri Wallach Omri Wallach, Stockhouse
0 Comments| August 9, 2019

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It has been a hot few weeks recently for most of North America, both for the weather and for investor discussion! The markets faced a rate cut in the US, ongoing trade disputes, a high for gold prices, and a potential bounce-back for the cannabis sector.

Much of the discussion happens on the Stockhouse Bullboards, and our Buzz on the Bullboards articles help you review the companies and topics that are trending in the community. A long weekend usually tapers off some investor discussion, but the Bullboards were alive and well, especially for the hottest sectors in the market: Cannabis, Gold, and eSports.

This week we’re taking a look at those sectors, and a few companies that made some very big leaps. Did Stockhouse Members think that these were temporary strides, or markers of continuous (and hopefully upwards) momentum?


After taking a few weeks off due to decreasing prices, the cannabis Bullboards make a triumphant return. Four of the top six most-visited companies have seen increases over the last week, and topping the charts well above 100,000 views is Aphria Inc. (T.APHA, APHA, Forum), which saw shares jump from $7.21 on July 30 to $9.51 on August 6, a 32% increase in just a few short days.

(Click image to enlarge)

Why the surge in shares and discussion? The results of a profitable fourth quarter, which included net revenues and increases in sales, certainly seemed to help. Yet immediately following the good news, investors turned skeptical again and the discussions began to look at the cannabis industry at large. Was this quarter a sign that the sector was making a turnaround?

As the debate raged up and down on the company’s Bullboard, and APHA shares looked to correct after their surge, the only thing that seemed certain was that investors needed more. Stockhouse Member MikeBecker777 outlined that cannabis companies especially need to be ready to capitalize on any big news.

“We need a sector turnaround. It’s happening slowly after a brutal July but it needs another major catalyst. Once another International food, beverage, alcohol, tobacco or pharma makes a deal wth a lp it will shoot up until edible/bev legalization. Then those who are well positioned and ready to put products on the shelves will keep going up until next quarterly report. If financials positive and company has a positive outlook/guidance, the sky will be the limit.


When markets are uncertain, go for gold. That was the case over the last week as investors sought safety from the ongoing trade disputes between the US and China, as the price of gold reached above $1,500.00 for the first time since 2013. Many companies on the Metals and Mining Bullboards benefited from the gain, but Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. (T.KL, KL, Forum) also drew in the most views.

(Click image to enlarge)

Where many companies draw a lot of views and discussion due to fluctuating prices (and performances), Kirkland Lake Gold has impressed with continued strong performances. Over the last week, KL shares closed at $60.09 on July 30, briefly dipped below $55.00, then climbed back up to close at $62.02 on August 6.

The dip was likely due to investors not quite liking KL’s recent second quarter financials, but as analysts continue to examine the company (and the market), the Bullboard wondered if KL is still being undervalued. Despite its continued climb, Stockhouse Member westcoast2019 was one user that thinks KL will continue to impress.

“I will stay with my earlier prediction of $75 to $80 C$ for the end of 2019
Comparing to other gold miners is difficult because KL is in an elite group they actually have earnings.
How about just for fun comparing to Pretium p/e 43.4 and Detour Gold p/e 87.5

This would give the KL price range between $162 and $$327…”
(Po?st:RE:Sprott on kl)


Our last hot sector highlight for this week looks at the technology Bullboards, where newcomer theScore, Inc. (V.SCR, TSCRF, Forum) staked a claim in the Top 6 most viewed stocks. The digital platform company has been consistently improving its mobile applications and evolving its esports platform, a buzzing sector we recently started tracking.

(Click image to enlarge)

Shares of SCR were relatively stagnant for a while as the company tooled away behind the scenes, but it looks like it is ready to make some new moves. Last week’s news that theScore was expanding its sports betting platform through a partnership with the largest gaming operator in North America sent shares from $0.385 on July 29 to a year high of $0.55 by the end of the week, a 70% leap.

The big question now for users on the SCR Bullboard was whether that leap would be sustainable. Stockhouse Member oleary123456789 is one user that thinks the company should be able to keep the momentum going.

All other stocks are having a blood bath
thescore is holding perfectly.
wait till we pounce again later today or in the am
should be news this week on nfl betting.
preseason is underway.

(Po?st:Beast Mode)

While we won’t be diving in-depth on the other sector Bullboards on this edition, you can still head over to the Buzz on the Bullboards section to see which companies were the hottest across the board. We also wanted to ask our readers which sector they thought would be the one to watch for the rest of 2019, and the results of our latest Investor Pulse Poll suggest two clear favorites for Stockhouse readers.


Throughout the year we’ll check in and compare the sector performances with our polls and see if Cannabis and Gold live up to the hype. The Stockhouse Community has had great insight in the past that we love to tap into, and what better way than with our newest poll. We want to know which companies you want to hear more from, and the results will help us organize our online conference! Head to the homepage to cast your vote.

(Click image to go to the poll)

Anytime things are happening in the market, Stockhouse is a great destination. The Bullboards help you make sense of how investors feel and let you exchange information, and our interviews and podcast series bring you expert analysis and insight on what you should focus on. The Buzz on the Bullboards review will also be back in a few weeks to keep you up to date. For previous editions of Buzz on the Bullboards: click here.

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