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Better & Cheaper than the Competition: A Deeper Look at a Revolutionary EV Charging Platform

Stockhouse Editorial
0 Comments| December 2, 2021

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(Image courtesy of IONiX Pro Battery Technologies Inc.)

From new tech, apps, and delivering its products to customers, 2021 has been a busy year for Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (CSE: ACDC, Forum) and its new, cutting-edge battery storage technology.

The Company seeks to meet the growing demand for scalable, smart solutions for electric vehicles and energy storage systems (ESS). It kicked off the year by launching a series of ESS products for the home and office - the IONiX Pro Series – through its subsidiary, IONiX Pro Battery Technologies Inc. (“IONiX Pro”)

Unveiled back in March 2021, this was right in line with an earlier announcement from US President Joe Biden on January 25th, 2021, when he announced his intention to replace the US government fleet of vehicles with electric vehicles (EVs), in line with his $2-trillion (USD) climate plan.

For investors, this represented a piece of the global EV market was valued at $162.34 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $802.81 Billion by 2027, according to Allied Market Research.

The Home Smart Wall is a lithium-ion battery ESS with AI integration allowing real time monitoring, maintenance, and repairs. This system is also the only product on the market that can remotely analyze and repair battery systems. The SmartWall and its patented Battery Management System (BMS) controls the device, allowing for revolutionary features such as adaptive energy learning and remote battery cell rebalancing. The Smart Command system and App will be integrated into the entire IONiX Pro suite of ESS products, giving the user complete power management and smart grid communications, command over the power functions, and enable them to arbitrage power usage between “peak” and “off-peak” hours.

Similar to EV Battery Technologies’ SmartWall and TITAN series, the Company’s goal is to deliver a smart charger at a lower price point than the competition, such as Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), with a product of the highest quality. Other products by IONiX Pro include the cryptocurrency Smart Miner, the industrial TITAN EnergyCore, the RV Freedom, the EV Smart Charger, and the Trilogy Vision electric vehicle.

The IONiX Pro Home SmartWall stores energy captured by solar panels or from the grid and keeps it in reserve, enabling owners to customize their energy usage. Multiple SmartWalls can be connected together for increased battery storage, facilitating the powering of a home completely independent from the grid.

This year, the team saw the SmartWall progress from concept to reality. EV Battery Tech CEO, Bryson Goodwin, and IONiX Pro Managing Director, Rob Abenante, took time out of their busy schedules to sit down with Stockhouse Editorial to recap the launch and deployment of the IONiX Pro Product Suite.

Thank you both for joining us. EV Battery Tech and IONiX Pro’s journey really started with the tech partnership formed for exclusive use of a battery management system (BMS); can you tell us what makes it so unique?

BG: Our BMS was created by a patented AI algorithm that poured through nearly a decade of data, and analyzed the short-comings of batteries used in today’s market. It has several unique functions including real-time monitoring and remote maintenance. What makes the BMS unique is the increased communication between the battery cells which not only gives more accurate readings, but also enables the ability to re-route power around damaged cells to elongate the lifespan of the battery. We saw this as an opportunity to create some revolutionary cleaner energy storage systems (ESS) and bring them to the market at far more accessible rates than the competition.

So now that you had this revolutionary BMS technology, how did you determine how you were going to enter the market?

BG: Well, initially, we realized that we had something that could help in a way that’s more than just generating new products, we initially commenced a recycling program where we were taking in used batteries and rebalancing them with the use of our BMS, to make them functional again, and thereby, contributing to lowering waste! We’ve had a clear green forward looking vision, and this was the perfect way to kick everything off and introduce our BMS. But we knew we could do more. We knew this technology had the potential to create the best battery products on the market. That’s when we brought aboard Rob Abenante to start designing the battery products, which is how IONiX Pro was established.

What an exciting journey! We all saw IONiX Pro launching a series of products throughout the year starting with the Home SmartWall. I can’t even believe that this product has already been delivered in Vancouver! Can you talk us through the process from concept to reality?

RA: It has certainly been a rollercoaster ride. Since being introduced to the BMS technology, I knew that there were many directions we could go in. We decided to start with the Home SmartWall as our flagship product, because we identified this market as being the largest and most underserved. There is a growing demand of homeowners not only seeking the peace of mind of back up power, but also seeking the ability to power their homes using renewable energy and to take advantage of peak/off-peak energy prices to save or even make money. So, we set out to use this BMS technology to design and engineer the safest, most reliable and technologically advanced Home ESS on the market. But of course, during this period the global supply shortages caused by COVID 19 pandemic, certainly did not make this process easy. We had to overcome many hurdles in obtaining the materials necessary to complete the Home SmartWall. But we stayed focused and worked relentlessly with our designers and engineers produce a finished, functional product in under 9 months. This was an incredible feat, given the global supply shortages, especially for battery cells and circuit boards, both of which are required in our products. But against all odds we created a finished product and had it delivered to Vancouver, Canada by August of this year.

Truly impressive to launch the concept and then deliver the product in less than a year, especially given the global supply shortages. Can customers view the product and order it now?

BG: Many of our shareholders and stakeholders were in disbelief that we could pull this off in such a short period of time, so we have set up a functioning Home SmartWall in a an “eBike Universe” location, a dealer of Daymak Inc., which is one of our partners. This is certainly not a showroom or a display model, as it is housed in an eBike store, but it gives prospective customers the opportunity to touch and feel the product and even allows them to actually test it out by plugging something in to it, and watch it power their device powered entirely by the SmartWall.

RA: Customers interested in buying a Home SmartWall are able to place a pre-order on the IONiX Pro website ( We have seen steady orders, especially recently, given all of the storms we’ve been facing in the Pacific Northwest. More and more homeowners are talking about how useful it would be having a back up power source, especially one that can be powered independently from the grid.

I can imagine a lot of people will be interested, Rob. Along with the SmartWall, you also have the TITAN EnergyCore and the most recently announced SmartCore, which is much larger ESS. Can you tell us more about these products?

RA: Once we had started the design for the Home SmartWall, we quickly realized we could scale the product for additional markets. So the next logical product was a supersized version that could be used for industrial use such as renewable energy farms, energy arbitrage or even large scale industrial warehouses. So we created the TITAN EnergyCore, which like the SmartWall, can be “stacked” to increase the capacity exponentially as required. This means both the TITAN products have the potential to power an entire city, enabling their transition into a “Smart City”.

A whole city, incredible. Following the TITAN, you launched the RV Freedom – a battery for Recreational Vehicles. What was the goal with this product?

RA: We always envisioned a full suite that offers our BMS technology to all types of consumers. During the COVID Pandemic, more and more individuals were travelling domestically and the RV market grew significantly. By offering the RV Freedom, we are able to appeal to any RV enthusiast. It’s a smaller ESS solution that powers all devices within an RV and we’re excited to see that take off next camping season!

(Image courtesy of IONiX Pro.)

Most recently, you launched the latest in the suite, the Smart Station. It looks like a few of your products have been combined to make this a functioning charging station – is that what this is, and how does everything work together?

RA: Essentially, yes, we have combined a number of products from our suite to create the latest product, the Smart Station. By combining the SmartCore (installed underground), with our EV Smart Chargers, we believe this will be one of the safest, greenest and fastest EV Charging facilities available. Wind turbines and solar panels will harness renewable energy that will be stored in the SmartCore. Once a consumer arrives, this power will travel through the EV Smart Charger into the EV. And of course, as with all of the IONiX Pro products, this features our patented BMS.

BG: I think with President Biden’s plan to increase the number of EVs on the road, and subsequent plans to accommodate that by increasing the number of EV chargers, we’ve created this at the perfect time to offer a powerful and reliable solution.

In addition to this function, we are also looking to form joint venture agreements with this product to enable it to be built out to include convenience kiosks for consumers to shop whilst their EV charges.

That sounds great! We look forward to seeing some of those get developed! To round out your ESS products, you recently launched the Smart Miner, combining a battery with cryptocurrency mining – how did this come about?

RA: IONiX Pro and EV Battery Tech were both accepted into the Renewable Energy Alliance (REA) recently, and through that membership, we were introduced to the Renewable Obligation Base energy economy Protocol (ROBe2) which utilizes the patent pending Proof of Renewable Protocol (PoR) a revolutionary new way to mine cryptocurrency. Unlike alternative cryptocurrencies, which requires significant amounts of energy to mine their protocols, the PoR actually creates renewable energy as a bi-product making it the first carbon-negative mining protocol to hit the market.

Our BMS technology is perfectly suited to adopt the PoR protocol given its two-way battery communication. We collaborated with the inventors of the PoR technology and came up with the Smart Miner, a compact and affordable product that we aim to bring to all types of consumers and have big plans for implementing this globally.

The Smart Miner will not only give consumers all the benefits of an ESS solution, but it will also give them the ability to mine cryptocurrency at the same time, giving them an additional source of income. Given the recent rise in popularity in cryptocurrency, we believe this product could enjoy the most growth in the coming quarters.

It is hard to believe that EV Battery Tech and IONiX Pro have accomplished so much in under a year. Where does the Company go from here?

RA: We started this journey by taking a truly revolutionary battery technology and using it to create a full suite of ESS products. We have launched these products and have received an incredible response from prospective customers and other stakeholders. Now we are focused on securing pre-orders, manufacturing and establishing sales infrastructure for each of the products including installation service partners. We have already achieved more milestones than we anticipated our first year, but we now raising the bar even further for year 2 as we start to focus on deliveries and installations.

Thank you again for the time today, anything else to add?

BG: We’re very excited about IONiX Pro’s progress, and in combination with all of our recent acquisitions, I’m thrilled to be really establishing ourselves as a vertically integrated technology company, with blockchain based, crypto compatible applications, power generation facilities for crypto, and a full suite of products. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and the team here are all thrilled to keep expanding!

For more information on the product please visit or visit for company information.

More information on EV Battery’s products can be found at and for more about the company, visit

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a paid article produced by Stockhouse Publishing.

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