Why do i have strong conviction in this stock? 

-Management with lots of skin in the game!

-Proven leadership....huge network, instant capability of raising capital! 

-Free promotion from big networks such as BNN,Bloomberg,CNN, and so on! 

-ETFs arent holding any shares.......when they do.... watch out!

-Unique business model with acces to multiple states and countries. 

-AUSA managing and planning every $ACB facilities in the world with ALPS.

-Soon trading groups will be hopping on.... youtubers will follow suit... and everyone will talk about this bad boy. 

-Did i also mention this beast has over 250 000 shares.... yes you read that right... most stocks with similar floats will have 5000 to 6000 sharesholders in average..... i call that... Rocket Fuel!

I am long..... and y'all know it =)