as funny in all the news releases I haven't seen one talking about the financials why is that? They use all the hype to say masks are being sold and what not but where are the financials and transparency to shareholders in press releases? But to be honest as to my understanding companies are only obligated to report their quarterly to the filings on sedar so guys if you want to see where things stack up having a look on sedar for the financials is a good idea because at some point when all the hype is over the bottom line has a nasty way of deflating a lot of the hot air. And I am not talking about this company alone but all companies. There were other companies who didn't talk about the financials but I would be careful of it and ask why? And if not talked about in a press release it is all our job to refer to them in the sedar filings. The other thing which is sort of helpful is using it will track insiders trades but is a couple week behind and that is why I said somewhat useful. Good to see that there is product though however I would love to see the company press their quartelies but given I didn't see them or may have missed it again it is our job to view the filings. I am out of saying anything else here I will not buy in as not posting financials with the news releases tells me enough that the company is deliberately not being fully transparent. Some like pyr go a step further than most they talk about contracts as well as receipt of payment which the majority do not and talk about the financials. I sincerely wish everyone all the best here and hopefully this does way better than the high I saw .38. I want a winning home town company and I can't slam those who are providing ppe whether it is profitable or not it is needed I applaud that for this company and others but I have mine that does the same but only it is in the US. Good luck all I will quietly track how this does...let's see something better this time least yes masks appear to be sold.