I can feel your pain antipod, 

i completely agree with everything you just said. their "behavior" as a public company is questionable... not to mention despite a new management its still questionable! 

They do sometime answer my email or text messages mostly the CEO Paul...However there is never any follow through with what their intentions are (public visibility im talking about)

How long does it take to lay out their plans? UNLESS they dont have any plans and are trying to figure that out. (wtf am i doing here, if thats the case)

As for their NAV, i do believe it would go a long way but they havent pressed release anything in this regard for more than a year++ now. 

Anything would be welcomed to show investors this corporation is alive.

I hold a ton of shares...friends and family also do.... we have about 850k shares total. unfortunately those arent enough to get some clear answers from management.


antipod wrote: As a shareholder from IPO (4 years ago?), I've been frustrated with the inability for management to even attempt creating any form of shareholder value. It feels as if my money has been taken hostage. I am interested in a legal recourse for many reasons, including: 

- continuously ignoring my emails/calls as a shareholder
- having a "coming soon" website for almost a year now
- not bothering with press releases anymore
- no effort to create sharevalue, or at least not communicating their vision

I'm not sure they are breaking any laws or regulations, but god damn you would think they should be somewhat accountable to their shareholder base, being a public company. Who's accountable and how do we keep them accountable? I've invested a significant amount of money in this fund and have nothing to show for it other than the NAV, which has done nothing for shareholders thus far. 

Happy to discuss with other shareholders.