Why, because you crooks have increased the manipulation during tax loss season? Shorting shouldnt be allowed in this period frankly. But you ethical allstars just keep shining.

Keep triggering those stop losses and deleting files. Its not like anyones watching.

KeyserShoze wrote: Your posts haven't aged well at all. lol. That was 60% ago. Lol. The sector is not investable as I said. Keep the pump alive Legend. There are many who come here to read your legendary guidance. Go try and make back 60%. lol. What a shame.
Toweringmars wrote: You know why its a bad idea to try and base fundamentals on a simplistic view of earnings multiples? Because it gives you tunnel vision. Right now the fundamentals are based on HALF the Canadian market, which might I add is in infancy. That along with very limited international sales. The addressable market is like 85% bigger, and ever expanding as countries slowely get behind the way of the future, which is recreational. And that isnt even the tip of the iceburg as CBD starts to get credited for all its health benefits. Can you tell me how big the health and wellness / cosmetics / beverage / alcohol & tobacco industries are combined?

And 5m in net revenue 2021 would mean trailing twelve months not forward looking, unless you base this entierly on your 4th quarter. Why would anyone pay more? Well, maybe thats a good question for Constallations or Altria to answer? Cause they both seem to be more than interested. Or a good question for Molson who was quick to start a JV into the sector as their decreasing sales lost more and more to the cannabis industry. 

Not all industries are valued the same, as you well know.

For instance, high tech businesses will typically be valued at higher EBITDA multiples than manufacturing businesses because of growth potential.

EBITDA Multiples by Industry

Nevertheless, when valuing a business, it is essential to consider the effect on EBITDA multiples of the industry in which the business operates.” For most businesses with EBITDA of $1,000,000 - $10,000,000, the EBITDA multiple will be in the general range of 4.0x to 6.5x, increasing as EBITDA increases. However, due to growth prospects, high tech and healthcare/biotech firms tend to earn EBITDA multiples for their industry above this average norm. Meanwhile, construction and engineering firms often have EBITDA multiples for their industry below this norm.

So with that being said, I wonder what the growth prospects are for an industry in its infancy, with the potential of disrupting the sectors around it like it is already? EBITDA of 1m - 10m already pulling 6.5x ? So assuming 20m in EBITDA (which isnt all that out of the question considering alot of US only companies are generating north of 90m in ebitda a quarter) I could see a very sweet multiple coming from them. Heck, and all of this is founded upon the stock markets being the slightest bit rational... Tesla is trading at 111x 2022 ESTIMATED earnings... That makes sense right??

But hey, you can always just keep saying thats 'pumper' talk and quote the all time high and say I rode it down to its all time low, even though my average isnt far off from where we're trading. But I digress, it must just be you're overly realistic and not 'basher' sentiment at all that makes you so much better than me.

I like the great picks you mentioned. Its pretty hard to call something out unless its happened already right? Alot easier to say, yesterday is going to be a nice sunny day.

KeyserShoze wrote: That is great Investor Legend. Its easy to kick Aleafia because they've been down forever.
But it was your legendary guidance that has been incorrect for 3 years now wasnt it? The sector stinks and is not investable at these levels. Ask yourself, even if Aleafia is profitable this year...... say they net $5 million 2021 and continue at the current stock price. It would be trading at 16 times forward earnings. Not sales. Why would anybody pay more? Especially with more than 50% of their cap in debt due in June. The problem with this sector is that the "Fake" guidence characters like yourself have been spewing for years is all fluff. Institutions arent going to give 16 times earnings to Aleafia with 2% market share. Maybe some retail wannabees that are trying to unload their bags. This theory that Aleafia is this little engine that could and is going to surprise everyone is pie in the sky. Lets say Aleafia gets to $20 million profit per year. At 10x earnings which is more than some major stocks out there, that would be a $200 million market cap. At 400 million shares fully diluted, which will be much more by the way, that would warrant a $0.50 / share price. So $0.50 if they do $20 million profit. Thats your bet? There is a reason this is at $0.25. And ts not because the market is missing something. 

Toweringmars wrote: But I didnt say. You didnt. I. I just. Said you said.


And whats this Southside Philly Dialect thing? I didnt. I dont. You. I.. Er. uh..
Listen straw grasper. You seem to have all the answers. Let us hear your top picks for the sector and who will be the winner at the end of 2021??

Pretty easy to kick a company when its down. You made your account on October 10th, Sunday of a holiday weekend... Shocking I know. You know, most of us are so tied up with stockhouse on holiday weekends but it doesnt seem to stop the great 3... Although I do miss Grocery. So you made your account when the company was trading at 0.28... And its down 2.5 cents... Gee, you certainly are a great investor yourself. So lets hear it oh great one. Who's the king of the sector going to be? Please, school us newbies. Help us oh great one.

KeyserShoze wrote: I didnt post that you said I liked my own posts. I stated we all know you liked your own. Why do I have to give up the all time low? Its the truth. You've ineffectively pumped a tire with a massive hole in it for 3 years. When are you going to give that up? The Legend of Toweringfarce continues. lol. Also, whats with the south side Philly dialect? Another farce..

Toweringmars wrote: Dang, at this rate give it another month or so and you might even surpass me. I didnt even say you liked your own posts, but if self conscious size 6 shoe fits then wear it bravely Cinderella. You need to update the whole "all time high to low" playbook though. You'd think they would have addressed that tired old material in the training manual. SIGH...

Start treating Davey better or you'll lose him.   

KeyserShoze wrote: Buddy, your account has been around since $4.70. It just hit $0.23. You've lost 95% and liked your own posts 3550 times. I don't refresh posts and like my own pumps like you. lol. Keep the 3 year pump alive. The 3 year paid pump Investor Legend. Toweringfarce.
Toweringmars wrote: Buddy, your account isnt even a full month old and  you have 46 pages of posts on aleafia alone. Dont talk to me about time we'll spent sweetheart.

You want to talk math, how about 46 pages X 20 posts a page. You made 920 useless posts that got a whopping 14 likes, likely all from Davey cakes.

How was lunch anyway? 

KeyserShoze wrote: Wow. That napkin math is hillarious. There were 100 posts like yours last year and they ended with 32,000kg. If they yield 40,000 to 45,000 this year you'll be lucky. In 2020 several million grams were sold at under $0.50. Anyway, how's the investor Legend Toweringfarce doing? Still connecting imaginary dots I see? If I post within a certain time frame as someone else, well then we must be the same person. Ground breaking investigative tactics. Say hi to the Stockhouse Litigation lawyer LaryCurly for me. lol. 3 year pump campaign $4.70 to $0.23. Time we'll spent.
ItwiIIbeoknowok wrote: Spot on. Bought more today. The future looks bright. Even at 70kg for outdoor @ $1.50 average sale price + $2 average for indoor (24,000kg/yr) is $151million for the year. Coming hard. Coming now. Buying more. God Bless Aleafia.  

GreenValley wrote: Easy 100% deal no deal you take all day long

Cannabasis wrote: Thursday Q3. With good numbers we will be above 50cent by EOM. Easy 100%