It is already money in the Bank which is probably already spoken for in terms of various milestones and deliverable etc. 

Next drawdown that is scheduled for August 11 for a very specific amount of $ 4,840,524 seems already a verry targetted expenditure based on the amount.. 

Regardless, the process has already started.. Current share holders know the story and will hold their position and follow it..  In the meantime, trading volume and bid and ask is such until some big bid stepped up, we will probably see it trickle out until who ever is selling few shares at a time is out of them.. I can wait.. LOL.. Just a matter of time until it cracks into $ 1 + range.. 

In the meantime, we are waiting on more financing news of iitems already on their plate and we already know about so if there are penny players on TSX who are treating Almonty as just another name, it is their loss..