Since 2014, EXE has bought back very small amounts of stock, totalling

2015 - $8 million
2017 - $6.5 million
2018 - $6.3 million

Nothing was repurchased in the other years.  

Due to the government assistance received over Covid and bad press the LTC sector experienced, it is not a surprise that EXE waited for the Ontario election to be concluded and the majority of the retroactive Covid reimbursements to be received before announcing this overdue buyback.   

Big question is whether they will actually be active or will this be a repeat of the past?  

The balance sheet can support a sizable buyback, so the announced ~$50 million (7.8 million shares) if they were to do all of it is manageable.  Limited to ~50k per day of buying post June 30...At current levels, accretive to be buying back stock.

Good luck.