Positive, is that Homestake Ridge is a sellable asset  ( $50M plus ) 
               is Ele'onere South is a sellable asset     ( $20M ) to Newmont.....
( how could you do this deal?  Have them reduce their shares in lu of.....combination of reductioon and cash.....cash only.....maybe bring in and AEM to aquire their position in Fury......so many ways, most of which none of you are thinking....) 

"Tim Clarks, release this am SUCKED!   This was in March of this year,

"Mr. Clark brings 23 years of global capital markets experience with numerous US, European and Canadian banks, including Barclays Capital, National Bank Financial, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and most recently BMO Capital Markets, where he held the role of Managing Director, Institutional Equity Sales. Over the years, he has developed strong working relationships with Tier 1 institutional investors throughout the United States providing corporate strategy, and peer and financial analysis and insights on corporates within the materials, commodities and mining sectors. Mr. Clark holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) and a Master of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting from Vanderbilt University."

Negative is:  the markets are not cooperating
                     shareholders turn on a dime

Running an office out of your home, only serves to enahnce drinking .....if you get my drift!....why E C sat un attended for many years! NO ONE wanted to fund a problem!! 

J 103   HERE IS THE DREAM......


MIning is a long game, a very long game, possibly a few of you need to review the 10 year chart of KL!