I hold EXE as well, bought as low as $5.40 during the pandemic rout. Exciting as paint dry but the distributions rolled in every month and were never cut. SRV though one of my best comeback plays with more than double cap gains and +20% dstributions. Hoping to repeat the same with MRT, a lonely reit that is itching to get a distribution bump soon. Beats playing the pennies and high flyers where most get whacked in the end gutting a portfolio.

Buy 'em while they're unloved... patience... profit!

logicandinertia wrote: yup.  seeing it everywhere.  perceived safety with a good yield is well bid while speculative froth melts.  

Dow Jones US Small cap value index underperformed Dow Jones US Small cap growth index from mid-2010 until late 2020, over a decade and year after year with no respite.  While value has outperformed for 15 months, this only takes it back to March 2020 relative levels .  

Cash is now generating a negative real return, and with the carnage in speculative growth/garbage, I only expect the bid for 6-8 percent dividend yield securities with low broader market correlation to persist for some time.   

Things like KEG, Extendicare, Sienna, SmartCentres, Slate Grocery, etc., all have great charts and each yielding over 6%...