in the last uranium boom cycle the worst stocks went up 25 fold.
Iaramide is surely not one of them.
lets say it´s a 50 bagger from the bottom we had in march last year at 12,5 canadian cents.
that could be 6 CAD at about 140 USD per pound
uranium could easily overshoot 140 USD in this cycle
150 to 200 USD per pound are possible as it tends to overshoot, long term price should settle around 70 to 100 USD
I am going to sell in tranches on the way up starting when uranium hits 100 USD, but this is no advice to you, do your own DD, laramide could easily be a 10 bagger from here as many others too, so for me it makes no sense to sell below 4 CAD because I dont want to leave too much money on the table.
of course if some wallstreetbets guys shoot laramide to da moon lets say 10 or 20 bucks I would surely sell as much as possible and retire at once
Good luck to all of us and dont forget these type of opportunities dont come often, maybe once or twice in your lifetime, so make the best of it.