I was flipping house foreclosures in Cape Coral,  Fl 10 years ago while Rai was buying cheap golf courses in Miami Metro.   He got the better deal!   

So I partnered one time with a buddy of mine on one that was not completed and he handled the finishing.   We had to go get permits for this and that and close out other open ones,  and along the way he managed to PISS OFF the city inspector that was out there one day looking at our septic leach field and cover.   So this guy busted our chops and it cost us a few thousand  $$  and some time delay to fix it.

That is to say  "You can't fight city hall".   If half are against this Woodlands project why not just sell it to the city and let them go float a cheap muni to finance it and be done with it!    Let them do with it whatever they want over the long term and get Rai to actually implement some kind of buyback and dividend that looks reasonable to the minority shearholders here.