Sage, do you understand that Graeme literally never reads internet boards. There is an e-mail that somebody published on where he states that expressly. Your complaining on this board every day does not have the slightest bit of effect on him. He feels no distress from it, he is out there obliviously doing whatever he is doing wherever he is doing it. All that the complaining serves to accomplish is that it obliges me or somebody else here to reply to you and drive ourselves mad by repeating ourselves again and again, because we don’t want a denunciation of BHS as the worst thing since Lucifer to be the first thing to get clicked on when some random curious person comes to Stockhouse. 

The only reason why we have the opportunity to make great money here in the first place is precisely because of the company's flaws, first because they are so bad at marketing and social media (whether from poverty or legal constraints) and secondly because doubt will be cast on their ability to get into full-scale production until the exact second when we get the appropriate NR. I would remind you again that Bayhorse themselves did not actually publish these pictures and videos. They were scraped from obscure but publicly available archives and then popularized by young grassroots shareholders. We are optimistic and trying to keep one another's spirits up because we have thoroughly analysed the company, know the underlying value, and choose to give Graeme the benefit of the doubt. You should be glad that there is such large grassroots support for this company, that is a good thing not a bad thing. 

Bayhorse are struggling along on a shoestring budget in the incipient phase of a scaling-up process. They also exist within severe legal constraints given that they operate outside the conventional 43-101 bureaucracy, and so are extremely limited in what they can say or publish. This means that grassroots shareholders have to do all the heavy-lifting when it comes to DD and discovering and explaining value. If you invest in BHS then you need to understand and accept that fact. This is not some conventional boomer company on the S&P500, if you invest here you have to think outside the box and take great risks and understand those risks. If Bayhorse was a completely obvious money-making proposition then everybody would already be in it and it would not be trading at only 1x future cash flow. 

You make the allegation that Bayhorse is "scammy" simply because we do not have an NR yet. Only a few days ago I took the time to write a long post showing you other near-term producers who are severely delayed because of Covid restrictions, as well as sharing original DD about the state of the industry right now. I don't see what else I can do except repost it and repost it every time you bring up this point, then ask what other near-term small-cap producer you think is doing things better? And if you can't provide me with an example then what merit do your complaints have?


"Every single near-term junior producer I know is getting the most severe delays because of Covid problems. Remember when people were bringing up Braveheart Resources on this board, because they got an Ocean contract just like us, at round about the same time? Here is the latest from Braveheart:
"COVID 19 has negatively impacted the timeline to move the process forward working with consultants, regulators and the First Nations. We had originally targeted to have our application approved by Q4 2021 but based on the current rate of progress, do not expect to have approval for the Phase 1 restart before Q1 2022."
Again, Alexco recently wrote:
"We caution investors that the longer term continuation or increased COVID-19 related workplace restrictions, slower than forecasted development advance rates or recruitment of underground miners and maintenance technicians, may have the effect of extending our scale-up period."
Blue Lagoon is still not mining, still does not have its third mining permit, still has not got paid by Ocean for any production, still has not released any assays in who knows how long (months and months).
This is what insiders have to say about the state of the industry right now: "The industry is basically running on fumes when it comes to trained staffers and professionals for even the most junior projects. Pay has been boosted to insane levels to attract people and keep them on board and away from poachers. It's only getting worse, as there aren't enough actually-trained people to go around. This is especially for underground mine positions."
"If the bull market for mining is coming, expect a crisis. Expect companies cancelling programs because they can't find drills. Or geos to plan and run the program. Or expect baby-faced grads running drill programs staffed with newb drillers and in turn, disastrous results."
The only reason why BHS is not able to go into full-fledged production is a lack of workers at the mine and mill as well as the permit-delay at Payette (undoubtedly taking ages longer than it ought because of Covid nonsense, same thing goes for Brandywine drilling). I can't say exactly when they will have all the workers and permits they need, but you can tell from the videos and pictures that under the circumstances the scaling-up process is coming along extremely well and that the team is working damned hard. They will get there in due time, they already have at least 65 bags of upgraded ore and that is simply what we know about."